Clublakers' FAQ (all members read)

Clublakers' FAQ (all members read)

Postby Real Deal on Tue Apr 25, 2006 1:00 am

Let's start it off with the most commonly asked question...

Why do you close all my threads?
Here's where you get to find the answer to your own question: read the last post in the closed thread. There may even be a link to the Guidelines, along with the reason why the thread was closed...but not to worry, there will be a reason provided, and it will more than likely be one of these:
  • Keep it in the Gameday thread - if you see this, it means that you have migrated out of the Gameday forum to talk about the game elsewhere, which is a big no-no.
  • A duplicate thread - this means the link provided will direct you to a similar thread, where you can simply copy and paste your post, easier done than said.
  • Thread went out of control - and who's to blame? You'll find a link to the Clublakers Guidelines, along with something along the lines of us telling you that the thread will be reviewed by the staff (which is true).
  • The "useless thread" reason - you'll find this happening when an irate member makes a thread asking why his other thread was locked, or why the mods moderate, pretty much...useless questions, useless thread.

But you locked the Gameday thread...
...and for a reason. Typically, it's because there are a handful of members who cannot seem to talk about the game in an appropriate manner, thus ruining it for everyone...and locking the thread is us saying, "No, you will not continue to talk about the game." That doesn't mean you can go elsewhere and talk about it, either.

There's a troll...why isn't he banned?
He or she is a "troll" to you probably because you and that member have had a confrontation in the past, or you just don't share the same opinion. A personal attack is a personal matter who it's from or directed to, so don't throw them out, period. "Come strong, come often" is the Clublakers' words of wisdom in these cases, and when someone doesn't like Kobe Bryant or even the Lakers, they are still allowed to state their reasoning as long as they aren't breaking the Guidelines.

I was banned...
...and you should still be banned, so stay off the forums.

I was personally attacked, so I attacked that member in retaliation...
STOP. The staff doesn't go through 80+ pages to find the firestarter...we find everyone involved. If we have to edit your post because of a personal attack, then you're in the same boat as everyone else who breaks the guidelines. What to do in this situation? Report it to a staff member, and completely leave the thread until the situation is taken care of.

The staff is too strict here. Should I leave?
Unfortunately, Clublakers is not the site for you. Goodbye.

I PM'ed a mod and told him/her to ban [insert name here], but he wasn't banned. Why is he still here?
BDG? clublakers? Is that you? Point is, you have no right to demand a ban on any member, and your opinion on the subject will not be considered at all; bans are made based on what we see and decide, not what members demand from us. The staff is here to do what's best for the site, and a ban isn't going to be the best option every single time you are offended.

Why was [insert name here] banned?
If you need to know, ask a staff member via the PM system. Bringing it up in a topic on a public board will do two things: stir up emotions on the board, and let the banned member know he's still the center of attention off it.

Why can't we swear/curse on the forums?
You wouldn't let your 8 year old daughter read some of the things you'd type (if you had one), so it's not allowed here. Clublakers is a public board, open to guests...which means anyone of any age. That's the best way to put it.

My sig is off by only 10 small pixels...why worry so much?
Drive 70 in a 60 and see if the cops worry. Guidelines are put into use to maintain consistency, and without a set pixel width and height on signatures, everyone and their mothers would try and bend the rules a bit.

I think I should be a mod. Can you tell BDG to consider me?

If I PM you and beg to open my thread back up, will you?

[insert name here] is attacking another member. Can I tell him to shut up, or else he's banned?

If I post "NB4" in a thread that doesn't exactly deserve a lock, but that I view as completely dumb in every way, shape and form...will it get locked?

What does "NB4" do for me?
Raise your post count by one, and that's about it.

Why do we have so many rules now?
The best way to answer this is to browse the Graveyard. Enjoy.

I'll add more as they come.
Real Deal


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