81points = Blessing

81points = Blessing

Postby Lakerfantilidie on Wed Jan 25, 2006 6:40 pm

This is a blessing guys. IMO because of all the negativity, because of this accomplishment, I think Kobe will be even more determined to not only win the scoring title, but to win the MVP award that he should already have locked up. I think his teamates will step it up now, realizing the pressure they have put on Kobe by not being productive. They now know this guy can't win with most of the public & media, so now it's time to step up & help prove em wrong.

This is amazing, Kobe can't win not matter what he does. First it was Kobe is nothing without Shaq. Despite the fact all the injuries kept the Lakers out of the playoffs last year, you can't find anyone who doesn't doubt the Lakers would have got in without the injuries. Many have gone to say he will get the Lakers there this year. There goes the Shaq theroy. Then he scores 62 in 3quarters & everyone knocked him for sitting out the 4th & not seeing how many he could have got. So Kobe stays in against the Raptors, scores 81 in a come from behind victory, now he's a ball hog, glory hog, not a team player. Blah, blah, blah. Hate all you want, the fact of the matter is, Kobe is a great player with or without Shaq, and by far the best player in the NBA. So I say it's a blessing because knowing Kobe as we all do, the hate will drive him to do even better, but most importantly, I think this will wake up his supporting cast. If they are smart, they all should know Kobe is a marked man. Everyone is going to be out to stop him with even more determination now than ever before. So they should be ready to step up, because I think for the rest of the season, this supporting cast is going to be wide open a lot.

Bottom line. The real reason everyone is hating on Kobe and his career accomplishments is because all the T-Mac's, Carters, Harold Minor's that were given the title "The Next Jordan"..........they know & the general public know, Kobe is the closest anyone has ever come, and being 27 with the same determination of MJ, Kobe may one day pass that high mark & like the Cowboys that everyone loves to hate, they know Kobe will soon bring multiple titles back to LA!
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Postby KobegirL on Thu Jan 26, 2006 7:26 pm

:bow: :bow: :jam2: :jam2: That was a get read!! I just hope his teammates are as smart & helpful as you say they will be, because Kobe deserves so much more help and i would LOVE to see him get the MVP award!!! Then he will have it all (and they could have another reason to hate him) :jam2:
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