Flea blogs on 81

Flea blogs on 81

Postby KB24 on Thu Jan 26, 2006 2:33 pm

The Basketball Freak
Kobe: That is what he was born to do
listened to the 2nd quarter in a hotel in sydney
was waiting for the laker's d to kick in but had to go out
then, my god, heavens to betsy, heavens to murgatroid
i get a page from anthony saying
kobe scored 81
this is stunning
ya just gotta enjoy it
ya just gotta bask in the glory of it
take a bath in it

after pondering this unbelievable achievement for a couple of days...
it really does take a little time for something like this to settle in
kobe bryant has transcended what human beings are normally capable of
i don't care if another good player in the nba jacked up 44 shots
they still couldn't do it
not when the other teams entire defense is geared towards stopping him
what he has done is extra ordinary
even by the very high standards we judge him by

i believe that this has happened because of a very unique life led by
the reason that kobe has so many detractors, haters if you will is
not because he is arrogant
not because of the criminal charges against him
not because of his selfish play on the court
not because he won so much and people are jealous, sour grapes
not because he young, rich, good looking, pompous, etc..........

the reason people judge kobe so harshly and are put off by him is the
reason he scored 81 points the other night and is the greatest
basketball player in the world
kobe bryant is a basketball freak
i use the word freak without judgement and, truthfully, as a compliment
to him for his dedication and commitment to fullfilling his destiny
like the greatest artists and athletes and writers and scientists of
all time kobe has worked so diligently in his life to perfect his game
and bring it to the highest level that he has neglected other parts of
his life
kobe is not good at being a warm public figure and he comes off as
aloof, arrogant, calculated......
it is not because he is not a caring good person
he is a great person
it is because he just did not learn those skills of expression
he was too busy becoming a basketball genius
this is a sacrifice that kobe made
it is harder for him to have a different balance in his life than it is
for all his detractors
this is the same for any great artist or philosopher that has ever lived
most of whom were judged harshly
this is a position that god put him in
he has a gift and he has not wasted it
his gift to the world is not to be a feel good public personality
his gift to the world is to express himself on the basketball court
and this is a beautiful thing and he should be applauded for it
not just for his accomplishments but for the the enormous sacrifices he
has made to make this major contribution to our culture
that is why he is so great

part of the reason kobe has turned in the 2nd (1st? 3rd?) greatest
offensive display in basketball history (dont forget cheryl miller
either not just wilt)
is because of the his fall from grace in the public eye
kobe, like every human being on earth has one number one desire in his
to give and receive love
it undoubtedly hurt kobe to be talked about negatively so incessantly
he wanted and wants to explain himself, to let everyone know that
everyone makes mistakes but that he is a loving person and that he has
learned from his mistakes and he loves humanity, loves god, wants to
live for the purpose of putting good energy in the world
his way to do that is not to come on tv with some perfectly composed
feel good tearjerker speech or even a great speech as if he would write
as good as the likes of bob dylan or martin luther king junior
his way to do that is to work even harder, to reach an even higher
level at his craft
that is his way to let us know he loves us
that is his gift to us
that is his way of humbling himself to us
that is what he was born to do

"It is not how big you are, it is how big you play"
"Basketball doesn't build character. It reveals it"
"Be strong in body, clean in mind, lofty in ideals"
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