Scottie Pippen.."Tmac could do it too"

Postby KB24 on Thu Jan 26, 2006 3:26 am

Scottie = Fickle.
e probably can´t get over it that Kobe abused the Bulls during his retirement ceremony.

"It is not how big you are, it is how big you play"
"Basketball doesn't build character. It reveals it"
"Be strong in body, clean in mind, lofty in ideals"
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Postby kwamejoke on Fri Jan 27, 2006 8:13 am

I agree with pippen. kobe just took more shots than other players.
Mitch is the General Murder of lakers.

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Postby JSM on Fri Jan 27, 2006 11:33 pm

Careful Pip, you were almost traded for T-Mac.
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