Smush's Post Game Interview Comments...TRouble Brewing?

Postby nameant on Tue Jan 24, 2006 10:10 am

UGOTOWN3D wrote:Does anyone have the vid for this interview?
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Postby dogster on Tue Jan 24, 2006 3:33 pm

Lakerman91 wrote:
dogster wrote:Kobe was (very) angry at his teammates for botching the game, and for not performing up to his standards. It is easy to see why he felt that way because they sucked last night. But to fully understand the situation, you need to understand that it gave him the pretense to do EXACTLY what he loves to do. Kobe loves to be the spectacular individual talent who is at the center of attention, scores all the points, and gets the glory. If his teammates are sub-par, then it is better for Kobe because it highlights Kobe’s superhuman value. And some nights, like this one, he dominates, wins the game, and captures the love of his fans. There’s nothing new here, except the high number of points that Kobe scored. This game had Kobe’s world view stamped all over it.

But the key point is that last night’s game was a big victory for Kobe Bryant, center of the universe. It was Kobe imposing his will on the opposite team, but more importantly, on his own team.

If you are playing on a team with someone like Kobe, you are acutely aware of how much a player like Kobe undermines your own game. You are aware that Kobe:

--decided, unilaterally, not to trust his inexperienced teammates, who are struggling to gel as a team.
--decided, unilaterally, to dump the triangle offense, which his teammates are struggling to learn.
--decided, unilaterally, to scrap the team concept, which his coach sees as a top priority.
--decided, unilaterally that he, and only he, should score the points—a decision which his coach has publicly criticized frequently in the past.

The Lakers, as a team, need to learn to deal with adversity, as a cohesive team. This is a fundamental premise of Phil Jackson’s philosophy, and it doesn’t fit into Kobe’s gut level view. For Kobe, the team is just a necessary appendage.

I read the thread up to this point. I think Smush’s comments are ominous, but not a surprise, for the reasons stated above. Last night was a victory for Kobe. But I would say that Kobe Bryant won the battle but is losing the war. Or more specifically, Kobe the individual talent won the game, but Kobe the narcissist is losing the war.

If Kobe really is as narcissistic as I think he is, he’ll lose the heart and soul of his teammates eventually. This will happen despite—and because of—his individual “heroics.”

Anyway, here are some quotes by people who seem to get this, at one level or another.

8kobe8 wrote:I dont think there was anything to be happy about in yesterday's game.
I hope Phil talks to Kobe this cannot happen everytime.
In the long run, this is not going to help the lakers, because i dont know which free agent will want to come hear, seeing kobe taking shots in the 40's.

flexxdzl wrote:I found it as ..saying Hey ...I am tired o Kobe this and kobe that...or mabe they are not having fun playing with kobe cuz it is all about him!

msb212 wrote:You have to consider the fact that it can't be much fun to be Smush playing alongside kobe. Fact is, Defense from everyone allowed Kobe to get that many points - and get the win. Lakers d in the 3rd quarter especially was pretty tight, and I guess SMush didn't want that to get lost in the hoopla.

Remember SMush used to be THE MAN, as he said not long ago in an interview. On the streets of ny and at Fordham, he had the adoration of the fans, etc. Now he is just the guy they turn to to give his impressions of Kobe. Add to that the obvious fact that kobe decided that no one else could do anything last night - and took over. SMush was actually having a decent game, and then it became the kobe show.

Kobe's Empire wrote:the down side to all of this is that the team is going to get sick of talking about Kobe and his greatness and feel like they are just duds.

The problem with people like you is that you aren't nearly as smart as you think you are. Im not sure if anyone on this site takes you seriously.

Oh, nice. It is perrrrrfectly fine with me if you want to launch personal attacks; that's your issue, not mine, bro. People have wanted to kill the messenger for ages, so this is nothing. It is a place to chat with a very open and fair set of rules. And if few or none agree with me (and Phil Jackson, and Smush Parker, apparently), fine. I'm not pandering for approval, which perhaps sets me apart from people who spend too much time in an internet chat room for a sports team. Not everybody has to be one of the compliant sheep, or one of the excited unhousebroken puppies, or part of the grim propaganda machine. I do notice that you didn't respond to the substance of my comments. That's cool. There are all types of fans, and all types of reasons for following the Lakers.

I've posted an analysis and a prediction here. Time will tell if I'm correct. I'm not attached to being corrrect, but if I was a gambler, I'd bet that I'm correct, and that the picture will become increasingly clear. So be it.

Now back to non-internet activities....

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