The Impact of 81

Postby Cleansed on Mon Jan 23, 2006 7:23 pm


Thank you for the well written post ...

and the avatar. It keeps things fresh (perspective).
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Postby John3:16 on Mon Jan 23, 2006 7:27 pm

First and foremost, big props to Kobe and his fabulous game.

Secondly, nice post (as usual) Slim. As I scanned the threads, deciding which one I'd click on and wait 2 minutes to load, I saw your name and knew where my time would be spent. You didn't disappoint! :jam2:

I can't believe you're in your early 20s. Wise beyond your years young buck.

This is not a slam on you, but when discussing history with people here, I often wonder how old they are and did they actually see the players they're discussing. Seeing is much better then reading some hack writers deadline trash. I realize most at CL never saw Magic play with Kareem, let alone saw 'Nique rocking rims NIGHTLY, Adrian Dantley backing, backing, backing, backing his much taller man down in the key, the quick first step of a man named Big James, or the arrogant outside bombs Bird would stick in his opponents face.

I know we're in a Jordan-era (i.e. no one is, was, or will be better then Jordan because that's the best they ever saw), failing to realize before MJ there was Baylor, Connie, Doc, let alone the 2 most important men in the history of the NBA - Magic and Bird.

Your post bridged the gap between Wilt and Kobe, not dismissing MJ, but showing that there were players BEFORE and AFTER him. The NBA is in good..... correction: great hands. Wade, LBJ, Amare, and Mr 81 himself..... Thanks for giving props to our past, but showing our future can be even brighter!
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