EG Blog: Backing Shaq

EG Blog: Backing Shaq

Postby Ed Guru on Tue Mar 11, 2008 7:56 pm

No post in 2 or 3 weeks due to the birth of my second youngsta - thought I'd make up for it with two today!

Okay, like everyone else I felt like jumping on the 3-6 Suns since Big Daddy's arrival and slating Snaq and the weighing effect he's having on the Suns running game.

But I watched the San Antonio V Suns game a couple of days back and realised that this gamble, whilst short-sighted in the long run, actually had a chance of being successful now for the Suns.

Sure the normally potent offense doesn't look quite the same, but the big fella helps ignite breaks by grabbing a tonne of rebounds and provides at least some interior defence for the team. But that's not it. It's all about matchups in the Western Conference right now.

Houston is riding high and playing superb ball with Youch Ming (sorry..) but do we really believe they are title contenders without their big man? No. Even Lakers have to admit that without Bynum their title chances are considerably slimmer.

When crunch time comes you're going to need a big man in the West. For now, Shaq is that man. If the Suns can figure out how to use the Diesel (and not let his ego run the show), they have a weapon which makes them extremely dangerous in the playoffs. Unlike most Laker fans I don't want to see a Suns - Lakers match-up in the first round. With a Bynum probably just back from injury I think it would be a dangerous match-up.

Expect many disagree with this.. I agree Shaq is not the long-term solution to the Suns issues, but lets face it, neither was Marion and I think they have a legit shot in the West, expect 3-6 to improve just in time...
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Postby trodgers on Tue Mar 11, 2008 9:57 pm

The Phoenix move is looking a lot like most people thought it would. Phoenix just has to make the playoffs and see what Shaq can offer. He is rebounding like he's five years younger and he gives them a defensive presence down low. He certainly doesn't hurt their chances in the playoffs, but it's a question whether he can remain healthy and on the court for crunch time.
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