PG Breakdown

PG Breakdown

Postby trodgers on Sun Nov 25, 2012 6:56 pm

Positional Breakdown: POINT GUARD
Fourteen games, three head coaches, and two injuries into the 2012-13 season, the Lakers have seen a great deal of flux surrounding the Point Guard spot. Darius Morris has earned the lion's share of the minutes at PG. While that is in good part because of injuries to Steve Nash and Steve Blake, Morris has been arguably the biggest surprise and the strongest performer among the bunch.

SCOFF (Scoring Efficiency), PAFF (Passing Efficiency), and HUFF (Hustle Efficiency) are all efficiency stats that measure an individual player's contributions. Scoring measures Points Per Shot and Points Per Minute; Passing measures Assists Per Minute and Assists Per Turnover; Hustle measures 'Good Hustle' Per Minute and 'Good Hustle' Per 'Bad Hustle'. I include league averages among PGs from last season.

.SCORING (Last season, average PG was 5.2)
..Morris 4.9
..Duhon 4.1
..Blake 4.1
..Nash 3.8
--Morris isn't far off the league average for PGs. The others are pretty far back. Nash's number isn't quite fair, because he's played so few minutes.

.PASSING (Last season, average PG was 3.7)
..Nash 3.6
..Duhon 3.4
..Blake 3.3
..Morris 3.1
--Steve Nash led the league last year, and he leads the team in the early going. While I expect his PAFF to be down from last season (it was 4.3, I believe) because of a new, somewhat limiting system and his increasing age, it is also lower because of a low sample size. None of the other PGs have terrible ratings, but they're not good. Point Guards in LA's system have struggled in the past because they don't hand out a ton of assists. That could change with D'Antoni's arrival.

.HUSTLE (Last season, average PG was 2.2)
..Morris 2.5
..Blake 2.3
..Nash 1.9
..Duhon 1.8
--Morris and Blake are both above the league average. Morris's steals and offensive rebounding really help his case. Duhon is a solid hustle player in terms of creating good hustle points, but he has committed a somewhat ridiculous number of fouls so far (15).

.OFFENSIVE EFFICIENCY (Last season, average PG was 72.7)
..Morris 60.1
..Blake 56.8
..Nash 55.3
..Duhon 53.6
--There you have it. None of the Lakers' PGs have posted an offensive efficiency anywhere close to the league average. Nash gets a pass because of his limited minutes. It should be said, however, that this is a measure of the individual contributions of a player. PGs handle the ball less in LA than just about any other PGs in the league. This lowers their assists, which, in turn, lowers their overall rating.

..Duhon 1.56
..Blake 1.32
..Nash 1.17
..Morris 1.15
--SYNERGY is a measure of the total points created by a player's consumed possessions divided by the total possessions consumed. It is not so much an individual stat as it is a measure of the player's ability to know when to shoot, when to pass, etc. LA's team average is 1.14. This means that EVERY PG on the roster is above the team average. Duhon's number comes in limited minutes, but he is shooting well, and he has taken care of the ball.

.Full Offensive Rating
..Duhon 65.8
..Blake 61.4
..Morris 58.8
..Nash 56.9
--Averaging SYNERGY and Offensive Efficiency produces the Full Offensive Rating. Duhon is leading the pack. While his individual contributions may not be impressive, he has shown veteran savvy at getting the most out of his teammates. Nash, in very limited time, has struggled.
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Re: PG Breakdown

Postby trodgers on Sun Nov 25, 2012 6:59 pm

Thinking about posting these in depth looks at the various positions somewhat regularly. Don't think there are huge surprises here. I need to work on a defensive stat so we can get an overall numeric sense of how the players are doing.
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Re: PG Breakdown

Postby _HmZ28_ on Mon Dec 24, 2012 4:02 am

i think morris has some nice potential , looking forward to see him play defense more accuratly , even if he brings up Defense he still going to watcj kobe play in order to learn more . thats great .
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Re: PG Breakdown

Postby Finwë on Tue Dec 25, 2012 3:55 am

Again, nicely done
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Re: PG Breakdown

Postby trodgers on Tue Dec 25, 2012 6:44 pm

This is exactly one month old. I should look back at it now that Nash has logged some minutes.
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