Darius Morris

Darius Morris

Postby Jay24 on Thu Dec 22, 2011 2:09 am

With the 41st pick the Los Angeles Lakers select point guard Darius Morris out of Michigan University, as soon as I heard that I went wild. I was his biggest fan during his senrior year at Michiganand I heard he could have went top 20 if he waited another year and he was projected as a 1 rounder and in the 20’s to 30's. You can tell by just that, that this kid has some serious talent. After hearing that I had to do my research, I watched some videos and cooled off since it was a Lock-out. Than in a preseason game he proved to people he can ball. 11/3/3 on 5-9 shooting was beast.

Darius Morris is listed 6’4 or 6’5 (he was 6’3 in his last season with Michigan) when he made it to the combine. He was the tallest true point guard of the draft, he isn’t intimidating either though, because he only weighs 190 pounds. He plays like a scoring point guard, but he gets his passes in too. He is not one dimensional but he does have his weaknesses as well as his positives.

His weaknesses are pretty clear, one of his weaknesses is his range, in his last season with Michigan, he shot only 25 percent from the 3 point line and before that season only 18 percent from the 3 point line, he can shoot alright, but just not from the 3, this is a big disadvantage, because at 6’5, he could have gotten a lot of good looks at the SG position and could help spread the floor. His I.Q is low also, that may come as a rookie, but at times on the court he makes very poor decisions, he ends up in traps by double teams, and that can really hurt him. He averaged 3 turnovers due to his I.Q.

He has more positives than weaknesses from what I have seen, even at 6’5 this guy is a true point guard. He has great court vision, he makes some of the craziest passes ever, he was 5th in the country for assists, and was the highest rated major conference assister. Second was Kendall Marshall, but Morris did it with being surrounded by less talent. His height makes it easy for him to rebound, so has a point guard, he can get you 4 rebounds per game, possibly more. He is easily coachable and he listens to what the coaches have to say he is also very hard working and humble.Not only is he a passer, he can score as well, he is a great scorer!

During the off-season, he knew his weaknesses and he is working on getting better at the spots he needs improvement, he is already putting in hard work, he is that type of person, he will work hard before games, and after games, no matter when. Darius Morris has improved his range a lot during the off-season which was his biggest weakness and the biggest reason he got dropped to 41st overall. He has a tighter grip to it now and he has been making more. He has developed a shooting mentality which he earlier did not have, when he missed, he is confident it was a fluke and is not scared to shoot again. He is working on his handles, and getting use to having the ball in his hands no matter how tight the defense is , and this helps raise his I.Q a lot also!
Going into the Lakers season, I really hope this guy gets some minutes, and I believe he will. The Season after this, I believe he will have a lot of minutes because Fisher and Blake will be gone and he will be a solid back-up for us. This season, I will not predict his stats because I don’t know how many minutes he gets, but I will say this, if he gets his minutes, he’ll prove his case!
Darius Morris!
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Re: Darius Morris

Postby trodgers on Thu Dec 22, 2011 1:31 pm

I just want to clarify two things:

First, Morris was measured at 6' 3.25" at the Pre Draft Camp.
Second, Morris was top 5 in the NCAA in every statistic related to assists and assist rate.
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