Heir'z Corner: Look in the Mirror

Heir'z Corner: Look in the Mirror

Postby Heir on Thu Jan 01, 2009 3:07 am

Heir'z Corner: Look in the Mirror


Post by JD of TLN:

And let's see... who have they played at home during this streak?

Philadelphia (12-18)
Washington (6-24)
Charlotte (11-21)
Chicago (14-18)
Indiana (10-21) - played twice
Milwaukee (15-18)
Denver (21-12)
Utah (19-14)
Atlanta (21-10)
Oklahoma City (4-29)
Golden State (10-24)
New York (12-18)
Toronto (12-20)
Philadelphia (12-18)
Houston (21-12)
Washington (6-24)
Miami (17-13)

So they've beaten 4 teams with winning records. The combined win/loss total of all the teams they've beaten? 223 wins, 314 losses.

Quite a different picture when you take in all of it.

http://thelakersnation.com/forums/index ... topic=9573

Let's look at who the Lakers have played during their impressive home run:

Portland (20-12)
Clippers (8-23)
Houston (21-12)
Chicago (14-18)
Denver (21-12)
Sacramento (8-24)
New Jersey (15-17)
Dallas (19-12)
Toronto (12-20)
Milwaukee (15-18)
Phoenix (18-12)
Minnesota (6-25)
New York (12-18)
Boston (28-5)
Golden State (10-24)

So of the 16 home games we've won, 9 have been against teams who don't have winning records.

In addition, we've played both the Clippers twice and Sacramento, which brings it to a total of 11.

The combined wins/loss total for us is 221 wins, 257 losses.

So when you soak all that in what does it tell you? That point blank there are just a lot of bad teams in the NBA in terms of winning percentages. You can't discredit a squad that win 16 straight games at home. A 16 game winning streak is impressive no matter whom you play and the Cavs are doing two things that separate the good teams from the contenders:

A) Winning at home
B) Taking care of business against bad teams

That not enough for you?

1) Philadelphia- won by 18 (held to 72 points)
2) Washington- won by 4 (held to 89 points)
3) Toronto- won by 20 (held to 94 points)
4) Indiana- won by 24 (held to 73)
5) New York- won by 36 (held to 82)
6) Golden State- won by 15 (held to 97)
7) Oklahoma City- won by 35 (held to 82)
8) Atlanta- won by 14 (held to 96)
9) Utah- won by 12 (held to 93)
10) Denver- won by 11 (held to 99)
11) Indiana- won by 4 (held to 107)
12) Chicago- won by 14 (held to 93)
13) Charlotte- won by 17 (held to 79)
14) Houston- won by 9 (held to 90)
15) Miami- won by 7 (held to 86)
16) Milwaukee- won by 6 (held to 93)

*Number of teams held under 100 points- Fifteen out of Sixteen.
*Number of teams held under 95 points- Eleven.
*Number of teams held below 90- Seven.
*Number of teams who scored at least 100- One.
*Number of teams held below 80- Two.

Now let's take a look at our Lakers:

1. Portland- won by 20 (held to 76)
2. La Clippers- won by 38 (held to 79)
3. La Clippers- won by 18 (held to 88)
4. Houston- won by 29 (held to 82)
5. Chicago- won by 7 (held to 109)
6. Denver won by 14 (held to 90)
7. Sacramento- won by 18 (held to 108)
8. New Jersey- won by 27 (held to 93)
9. Dallas- won by 7 (held to 107)
10. Toronto- won by 13 (held to 99)
11. Milwaukee- won by 13 (held to 102)
12. Phoenix- won by 15 (held to 110)
13. Sacramento- won by 9 (held to 103)
14. Minnesota- won by 12 (held to 86)
15. New York- won by 2 (held to 114)
16. Boston- won by 9 (held to 83)
17. Golden State- won by 17 (held to 113)

*Number of teams held under 100 points- Nine out of Seventeen
*Number of teams held under 95 points- Eight
*Number of teams held to 90 or fewer- Seven
*Number of teams who scored at least 100- Eight
*Number of teams held below 80- Two.

Cavaliers Opposition points per game at home- 89.
Lakers Opposition points per game at home- 97.

At the end of the day, those stats show that not only are the Cavs taking care of business at home, but they've been winning these games convincingly and playing arguably the best defense in the NBA.

It's not a sin to give credit where it's due, the Cavaliers are a great team and no one expected them to be anywhere near this good.

There's a mirage of stats I could continue to post of Cleveland's home wins that prove to be superior to ours, but in all honesty I'm too lazy and feel like a gangster Steve Urkel for taking the time to look all of that up.

I wrote this not to criticize the Lakers in any way, shape, or form, it was simply to prove that instead of being so quick to shoot down the thought of any team in the league being better than us, we should point out our own weaknesses before pointing out others because if you truly break it down, our reflections all look pretty similar in the mirror.

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