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Ever heard of a mix series?! No, you haven't! This Friday the first mix series on the web will be released by the one and only, Heir, entitled "R.O.P." Stay tuned to get a taste of what you're in for.

Oz: On August 26th you are going to release a mix series, can you tell us what a mix series is?

Heir: A mix series is something I invented. It's where I take legendary mixes and write what I would've, had that particular mixer hit me up and asked me to be featured on their work. It's just my way of showing tribute to some of the best mixers out there who have contributed a lot over the years.

Oz: Is there a certain theme you want readers to look out for?

Heir: Um, nah not really. This is only part one of three more installments that I plan on releasing. The best and most well known mixes will be featured in part 3, so they'll start getting better as the installments progress.

Oz: Why did you choose the particular mixes you did?

Heir: I tried to choose certain ones that I know a lot of Laker fans have seen and given good reviews on. But also I chose some that I saw years ago when I was younger and made my jaw drop.

Oz: You're known for your writing and not only do you write comparisons, poems, game reviews, articles, and scripts for mixes, but now you're doing things such as this mix series. Should we expect more creative forms of writing soon or are you going to settle down for a bit?

Heir: I plan on releasing something this summer called "Tha Truth." It''ll be poems, stuff about the Lakers, and my opinions on certain things that are interesting to me. As far as settling down, I don't even know how to do that. If anything I wanna turn it up even more. I plan on doing some things with Royal Freshness as well.

Oz: Will other people be featured in "Tha Truth"?

Heir: I plan on it. Sometime in the near future I'll probably hit up certain people.

Oz: Last season, as we know, you blogged about the Lakers and received good feedback all year long. But during the summer it seems like you just turned it up super crazy and took your writing to a whole new level. What happened in between the end of last season and now that made you explode out of the water like this?

Heir: Really it was just me changing my whole approach to it. Before I always took the advice of teachers where you jot down little points that you'll make in your writing so that you have all your ideas on paper. But then I realized that was holding me back because you're really living between those margins. So once I stopped doing that and instead just wrote from what's flowing in my head and heart, I was more comfortable.

Oz: Even now it seems like you're being featured on a lot of other peoples work too, whether it be a wallpaper or mix. What's your mindset when you're helping someone else?

Heir: Well the way I look at it is it's my job to make that person's work that much better. I just write however I feel once I see their wall or mix or whatever. So that means it could be anything, a poem, a description that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, anything.

Oz: Where do your ideas for selecting things to talk about or breakdown through writing come from?

Heir: I just come up with everything myself. I try to pick things that most people wouldn't expect a writer to talk about. Right now a lot of people write about who the Lakers should pursue through trades and free agency or what certain players on the team need to improve on and things like that, but to me that's boring. That's exactly what the fans expect for you to write about during the offseason. So originality is what's most important to me.

Oz: Right now you're obviously the hottest writer in the game, is that the way you look at it?

Heir: Sure do.......until someone proves otherwise.
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NIcely done interview, mate. Very unique questions, yer.

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