Lakers Authentic Jersey: BIG MISTAKE

Lakers Authentic Jersey: BIG MISTAKE

Postby elbeaner182 on Wed Jan 12, 2011 8:18 pm

Ok, so I'm new here but I figured this would be a good place to get support and vent off some steam.

So supposedly all NBA teams got new styled jerseys, called Revolution 30. Different from their previous ones but in my opinion very nice. I hesitated for a long time getting their Authentic jerseys straight from NBA Store because they were priced at $179.99. (Aside from my bad experience on ebay, getting some from China and being very cheap.) But with these new Revolution 30, I thought I would really consider getting one. Even better when i got an email from them offering 20% off. So I ended up getting one, for just $200.

Imagine my excitement, especially since I had games planned and tickets bought, I thought "What a way to show team support!" But that excitement would turn out to be HELL!!!!

I got this jersey about 3 weeks after my purchase, Dec. 12, and to my surprise there was a goof. The jersey had a slight variation from the one posted on So I contacted Customer Service, mentioned the problem, and they told me to return it and that I would get another. Called again, told me the same thing. Called 2 weeks after and finally they told me they could not refund. That the jersey had no problem and that they could not accept a return. I spoke to a supervisor and finally she said "That is all we have in stock to ship." Thankfully I got a refund, but that was it. Now I'm left without a jersey.

So here I am trying to get others to side with me. And I would like others to see exactly what I mean. The error is on the numbers. The image on NBAStore shows numbers with a purple outline and inner white. But this jersey shows something very different. I hate the thin purple line. See if you can see the same thing.

Here is my jersey.

In fact, here is a little video I posted on youtube.

So anyways, I hope I ain't the only one who has noticed this (then again I hope no one else has had this experience.) But I really do wish someone would do something about it. They wouldn't believe me. I just hope I can get a nice one before the playoffs.

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