Lakers Blog Forum Rules (READ BEFORE POSTING)

Lakers Blog Forum Rules (READ BEFORE POSTING)

Postby BDG on Thu Oct 18, 2007 3:23 am

There's just a few simple rules that we have in place to ensure a positive experience in this sub-forum.

1) Don't start your own topics unless you're a blogger/writer that has been approved by the CL staff. If you wish to respond to a topic, please post as a reply in the appropriate thread. If you would like to discuss a separate Lakers topic, please go to our Lakers Discussion forum. Topics that violate this rule will be removed.

2) If you would like to apply for a blog, PM one of our staff members and we'll contact you back if we're interested.

3) Please be respectful to our writers. They do this using their own free time, for the love of the game. If they've spent a good deal of time writing an article, please refrain from blasting their writing ability. There's a difference between disagreement and disrespect. Feel free to discuss and take an opposing viewpoint, but obviously, don't make it personal.
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