Lakers Vs. Denver

Lakers Vs. Denver

Postby MixedUp on Fri Apr 18, 2008 9:31 am

Here's my analysis of the Lakers - Nuggets matchup

Derek Fisher - Anthony Carter

This matchup could be pretty even, Fisher is the better scorer, but Carter is the better distributor. Fisher has a big adventage because he's way more experianced within playoff games compared to Carter, But fisher still has the injured foot which could eventually slow him down.

10-7 Fisher

Kobe Bryant - Allen Iverson

Kobe Should be this seasons MVP and therefor will be the best out of these two players. Still I think Iverson is a great player who has a great winning mentality. He can go off for 50 points on any given night, but can he do that with Kobe guarding him. Kobe on the other hand also has that great mentality and that's what should spice up this matchup. The only big difference between these players is that Kobe brings better defence and is alot taller.

10-8 Bryant

Vladimir Radmanovic - Carmelo Anthony

Vlad Rad is a nice role player to have. He can drive a bit, can shoot very well and picks up some rebounds. Defensively he isn't that good tough. On the other side we have one of the best young talented players in Carmelo Anthony. He's a solid contributor and can rebound as well. For His position he's also an excellent post-up guy. He will destroy Radmanovic on every front possible, Well? maybe not 3-point shooting.

10-2 Anthony

Lamar Odom - Kenyon Martin

Interesting matchup to say the least. Lamar is a very gifted player who can do everything a PG can do but only he has a 6-10 body. Lamar is also a very good rebounder for his size. His defense is not his greatest skill but it's solid. Martin on the other hand is pretty skilled offensively but looks a little bit lazy with rebouding and defending. This matchup will be won because of work rate.

10-6 Odom

10-9 Martin

Pau Gasol - Marcus Camby

Gasol is a true star in this league. He's an extremely well low post player and has a good court vision. Defensively he's not more that OK. Camby on the other hand is a OK offensive player who can score out of tip-ins or because of offensive rebounding. He doesn't create his own shot most of the times. But Camby is one of the best, I think THE BEST defender for his position. He's going to give Gasol a hard time, but I think eventually Gasol will win.

10-8 Gasol


Farmar - Atkins* 10-5
Vujacic - Smith 7-10
Walton - Kleiza 9-10
Turiaf - Najera 10-5
Mihm - Nene* 7-10
Mbenga - Hunter 8-10
Newble - Diawara 9-10

Total Starters: 42 - 39 (84-78)
Total bench: 65-60
Total: 149 - 138

My guess would be that this series will go to either 6 or 7 games with in both cases the Lakers winning. The key for us will be the defense on both Melo and AI. Kobe can only guard one of those both guys.

* Injured

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