Lakers Efficiency Numbers

Lakers Efficiency Numbers

Postby trodgers on Sat Dec 29, 2012 9:50 am

In order to make these numbers a bit more meaningful, I've centered it around the top ten players who played significant minutes (1000+) using last year's stats. This makes the number more like a Quarterback's Passer Rating. So, 95+ is equal to top ten in the league.

Kobe 101
Howard 88
Meeks 80
MWP 78
Hill 78
Gasol 75
Jamison 75
Nash 71
Ebanks 66
Morris 66
Blake 58
Duhon 56
Clark 56
Sacre 47
DJO 23
--As stated, a scoring efficiency (SCOFF) of 95+ means that the player is scoring as efficiently as a top ten player in the league. This means that Kobe's number is off the charts. Howard's number shouldn't surprise; it's quite good. He leaves too many points at the FT line though to be in the elite category at this point (and it might be argued that he gets fewer attempts now on a more stacked offensive team than he has typically been a part of). Meeks, MWP, Hill, Gasol, and Jamison are all in good shape. Nash's number could be higher; but he's not a scorer. He hasn't looked for his shot very much this season, and that hurts his rating here (it helps elsewhere). Among the other numbers, none of them really stand out as cause for concern. The bottom three are all in limited numbers; the next few are PGs, who don't do a good deal of scoring in this offense.

Nash 95
DJO 83
Duhon 81
Blake 73
Kobe 71
Morris 69
Gasol 69
Ebanks 49
Meeks 48
Howard 48
MWP 46
Jamison 43
Hill 36
Sacre 29
Clark 17
--The top spot isn't much of a surprise. Even in an offense with Kobe Bryant consuming possessions at a high rate, Steve Nash is at an elite level as a passer. DJO's Passing Efficiency (PAFF) number comes in limited time and can be disregarded. Duhon, Blake, and Kobe follow. These numbers are skewed by PGs, who do an amazing job at passing efficiency, so if a SG has a rating of a 71 (Kobe), that doesn't mean he's doing a bad job. Probably the most concerning among the numbers are MWP's and (to a lesser degree) Jamison's (he's a shooter) numbers. Forwards must be able to do a better job of avoiding turnovers and distributing. Look at Pau Gasol; for a PF/C to be at that level is pretty ridiculous (ahead of several SFs, combo guards).

Hill 117
Howard 108
DJO 107
Clark 89
Gasol 89
Jamison 84
MWP 81
Sacre 78
Morris 69
Ebanks 68
Kobe 67
Blake 66
Meeks 62
Nash 55
Duhon 52
--If Passing Efficiency favors PGs, Hustle Efficiency (HUFF) favors bigs. For the most part, the stat does seem to capture hustle. Hill's energy is off the charts; Dwight Howard's ridiculous athleticism allows him to overcome some of the sloppy play (going for the block too frequently, turning it over) that would otherwise harm his efficiency. Jamison (surprisingly?) and MWP (not surprisingly?) are very active. Nash's low HUFF shouldn't be a concern. He doesn't block shots, doesn't grab many offensive boards, and he isn't asked to rack up many steals.

Howard 106
Kobe 104
Hill 94
Gasol 86
Nash 80
Jamison 74
MWP 67
Meeks 65
Morris 59
Duhon 57
Blake 57
Ebanks 51
Sacre 40
Clark 37
DJO 30
--I think of these numbers in tiers. If your Offensive Positional Efficiency (O-EFF) is 95+, you're a superstar. If it's above 80, you're starting caliber in terms of offense. If it's above 70, you're a quality backup. If it's above 60, you deserve minutes in the rotation. Anything below that becomes questionable. The only player with a very high O-EFF who doesn't start is Hill. His level of activity on the boards and the efficient shots he takes makes him an exceptionally good backup big. The only starter whose O-EFF is rather low is MWP (let's set aside Morris). But MWP isn't far off the 70 mark, and he is known mostly for his defense. O-EFF is a measure of offensive efficiency.

Possessions per 36 / Points Per Possession (sorted by total possessions)
Kobe 31.5 / 1.20
Howard 20.7 / 1.07
MWP 15.9 / 1.11
Gasol 19.9 / 1.10
Meeks 18.2 / 1.07
Morris 16.7 / 1.14
Duhon 12.8 / 1.51
Jamison 15.2 / 1.06
Hill 17.0 / 0.96
Nash 20.8 / 1.41
Ebanks 17.4 / 0.86
Blake 13.6 / 1.32
Sacre 9.2 / 0.64
Clark 11.8 / 0.50
DJO 32.0 / 0.40
--This is a straightforward measure of a player's points created divided by possessions consumed. I add the number of possessions consumed per 36 minutes so it becomes clear what the advantages of Steve Nash (1.41 SYNERGY) are over Chris Duhon (1.51 SYNERGY). Duhon creates 1 more point than Nash per 10 possessions consumed, but Steve Nash is able to make plays on far more possessions than Duhon. So over the course of 36 minutes, Duhon would create about 20 points to Nash's 42. Is it surprising to see the bigs so low on SYNERGY? An answer to that question is unclear.
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Re: Lakers Efficiency Numbers

Postby Doc Brown on Sat Dec 29, 2012 11:00 am

Nice stat TRodgers.....

Question for you....

Compared to the "top" hustle guys in the league like Faried / Evans / Varejao / Noah where does Hill rank with guys like that? I see Hill in the same type of player category as them, it would interesting to see if we are getting a steal with Hill in terms of production compared to some of the overpriced guys like Noah/Hill and the soon to be paid Faried when he gets off his rookie contract.
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Re: Lakers Efficiency Numbers

Postby trodgers on Sat Dec 29, 2012 11:45 am

Good question. Let me take a look. Will get back to you.
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Re: Lakers Efficiency Numbers

Postby trodgers on Sat Dec 29, 2012 4:58 pm

PAFF: 67
HUFF: 104
O-EFF: 94

PAFF: 34
HUFF: 111
O-EFF: 92

PAFF: 34
HUFF: 102
O-EFF: 56

PAFF: 63
HUFF: 112
O-EFF: 102

HILL (as a starter in his career)
PAFF: 35
HUFF: 90
O-EFF: 64

A few things to notice:
1. Varejao's numbers are off the charts overall. You've been beating his drum. He's playing out of his mind.
2. Noah is basically a more hustling version of Pau Gasol. His rating is exceptional.
3. Faried can't pass, but he scores and hustles so well he's a quality starter.
4. Hill's numbers are comparable until we see him as a starter. In a starting role, his hustle is still very good, but his overall performance falls considerably.

So, to answer your question: He does exceptionally well in his role. Moving him into the starting lineup seems to make him a very pedestrian starter.
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Re: Lakers Efficiency Numbers

Postby Finwë on Mon Dec 31, 2012 12:09 am

Good read
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