[adobo24] Lakers @ Warriors [March 24, 2008]

[adobo24] Lakers @ Warriors [March 24, 2008]

Postby adobo24 on Tue Mar 25, 2008 2:25 am

1st blog on CL, I've been doin this on myspace for awhile and forgot about this section of the forum. If you wanna read past blogs, http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea ... ID=4082998

Blah, I’m tried of bloggin but this game deserves one because this might have been one of the greatest games I have witnessed in this year’s Lakers squad. Again from Game 2, I wanted to win at Oracle but Warriors fans are loud and crazy. I was so mad about yesterday’s lost but I would have enjoyed this one more on their home court.

The tip off started ok I guess, it seemed like we slowed the tempo down but I’ll get more to that later. The Lakers still seemed they were lost in the 1st quarter but we didn’t allow the Warriors to go all crazy and explode for 30+ in the 1st like yesterday’s game I think. I just wanted to stop Monta and his ability to get in the lane at ease. The 1st quarter ended "ok" I guess as the score was 20-28 GS.

It’s hard for me to remember anythin the 2nd quarter as it seemed like any other usual quarter for both teams. The Warriors scored 35 in the 2nd and the Lakers scored 32. The Lakers still were down by 11. The 3rd quarter is where finally decided to play some intense defense and stop the Warriors from running. I noticed a big change as we SLOWED down our damn offense and we executed when we could. We were able to get key stops and also feed Sasha Vujacic as he played some key minutes off the bench. One stat that Stu Lantz mentioned was that Sasha had like a point for every minute he played. The Lakers we’re able to outscore the Warriors 35-23 in the quarter and take the lead by 1 entering the 4th. I was happy but sad that we still had to play 12 more minutes.

The 4th quarter I already knew the Warriors fans were gonna be loud and chaotic . The 4th quarter seemed fine as started to spread the lead a bit. Sasha was just rainin 3’s. We led 100-94 at the 7 min mark during the 4th. The Lakers seemed they wanted this bad and we had an 8 point lead around the 5 min mark. Seconds just seemed like they were ticking slower but I just wanted a win so badly.

I guess this is where it begins....we led by 9 with a little over 3 mins remaining in the game. All I wanted was the Lakers to play defense, and HOLD the ball. On some key possessions the Warriors scored and I got frustrated as we lost the ball on some possessions. Some examples was when Turiaf was trying to pass the ball to Kobe but had it taken away after showing the ball. Second was when Vujacic ran down court so damn fast, I was WTF are you doing, set up the damn offense. He ended up dribbling high and Monta was able to poke the ball away. I was like wow.... The Warriors started to feel it as they had an 8-0 run and our lead dwindled away from us. I was so pissed because I witnessed another collapse by my Lakers. The score was at 110-109 and Odom was fouled but wasn’t able to win the game and sink both free throws. The score was tied at 111-111 after Odom missed 1 free throws and B. Davis sank both free throws at the other end of the court. Gah this was annoying because we had the game won already.


I didn’t want to be in this position to play 5 more minutes with the Warriors and have momentum on their side as they came back to put themselves in OT. The jumpball was already ridiculous as Brandan Wright stole the jumpball which one of the referees called. The [Swearing is not permitted at Clublakers. You must edit this post prior to submitting.] person who threw the ball said it was his fault and rejumped again. We won the tip but that made me mad. The Lakers exchanged early baskets but at the 1:40 mark the Warriors led by 4 points. I started to become giddy and didn’t want us to lose. We suffered a tough one at Staples and didn’t want to experience this [Swearing is not permitted at Clublakers. You must edit this post prior to submitting.] on back2kcab nights. The next play Fisher drained a big 3 after Kobe dished it out to him from the baseline. Fisher is damn clutch. Davis missed a 3 the next play and we had the ball down by 1 with the clock ticking away. I was pretty scared when Vujacic had the ball but I already knew he was gonna shoot it as he always does. Vujacic came out with a big 3 to take the lead 119-117 with 43s remaining. We allowed Azubuike to get second chance points as he outhustled us by tipping a shot in. Next play, the clock was coming down and the Warriors were still playing gay [Swearing is not permitted at Clublakers. You must edit this post prior to submitting.] zone defense and Vujacic had the ball at the 3 point line and made probably one of the smartest choices in his life. He passed up a jumper and drove it in and kicked to the wide open Odom to lay it in for an easy 2.

With 9s remaining the Warriors had the ball and we couldn’t allow a 3. All I wanted was the Lakers to play defense for 3s, that’s all I asked for. Ok even before throwing the ball in, Monta is charged with an offensive foul on Fisher. Monta bull rushed into Fisher which caused Fisher to fall back. Kobe iced the game by sinking two free throws and even jabbed at the Warriors players by saying "ITS OVER." to them while at the line.

Final play the Warriors needed a 4 point play and Farmar ended up deflecting the pass away. We got the win and that’s all that mattered. Ugly game but we pulled a tough one out on the road and against this team. Phew, tough 2 games for us.

Also I gotta give my dude Lamar Odom props for grabbing 20+ boards on consecutive nights in which the last Laker to do this was Vlade Divac back in 93’. Odom has been awesome and I gotta give him his props. He’s been great since Gasol arrived and I hope he can still continue his dominance. I think tonight might have been Odom’s best performance as a Laker. He played tough defense, scored in the clutch, grabbed boards and hustled every single minute of the game. His rebound has been remarkable as he seems to be fighting for every rebound by tipping it to himself with his long arms. Odom just simply owns.


Odom’s stats tonight.
53 Minutes
10/15 Fg’s
23 Points
21 Rebounds
5 Blocks
5 Assists
2 Steals


Kobe being Kobe.
51 Minutes
11/30 Fg’s
7/7 FT’s
30 Points
11 Rebounds
7 Assists
1 Steal

Record: 49-22 [1st in WC]
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Postby trodgers on Thu Apr 03, 2008 8:33 am

Nice writeup. I haven't check this forum in a few days so I missed a couple of interesting reads.
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