Rodgers Report: SCOFF through 4

Rodgers Report: SCOFF through 4

Postby trodgers on Thu Nov 08, 2007 9:28 pm

I introduce a stat I've been working on. This one is called Scoring Efficiency (SCOFF). Its defensive counterpart is called Defensive Scoring Efficiency (DSCOFF). I'm just totaling what has gone on through 4 games. I'm kind enough to provide my assumptions, sources of error, and a breakdown of our players by position. LA's SCOFF is pretty high right now, I think 4th best in the league (or it was before last game). Phoenix is highest at 6.8. The league average is around 5.8.

My Assumptions: Feel free to disagree
.Scoring is the most direct way to impact the outcome of the game offensively
.Scoring efficiency is a function of Points Per Possession (FGA + 1/2FTA) and Points Per Minute
.Stopping your opponent from scoring is the most direct way to impact the outcome of the game defensively

Guard / SCOFF / DSCOFF = Total
Kobe 6.9 / 6.4 = 13.3
Farmar 5.6 / 6.3 = 11.9

Crittenton 5.9 / 5.9 = 11.8
Fisher 6.1 / 5.6 = 11.7
Sasha 6.8 / 3.7 = 10.5
Evans 4.2 / 5.7 = 9.9

Forward / SCOFF / DSCOFF = Total
Turiaf 5.4 / 7.4 = 12.8
Vlad 6.5 / 4.7 = 11.2

Walton 4.5 / 6.2 = 10.7
Cook 3.0 / 6.1 = 9.1

Center / SCOFF / DSCOFF = Total
Mihm 5.0 / 8.4 = 13.4
Bynum 5.7 / 6.8 = 12.5
Kwame 4.3 / 6.0 = 10.3

Sources of Error
Limited time right now has some players' numbers likely off. I include Mihm in this group. Strength of player covered is not accounted for at this point either.

So who is putting up elite numbers? Kobe is nearly elite on D and his offense is fantastic. Sasha's offensive output is fantastic. Notice that they get it done differently. Kobe is an attacker while Sasha is just lighting it up on jump shots. Turiaf's D is out of this world. Vlad's O is near the elite level. Bynum's D is elite. Mihm's D is outrageous, but likely skewed. Kwame's D? Solid.

One further consideration: if 11.6 is average for a total score, the Lakers are lacking at the Forward spot, where Odom can step in and contribute. Last season, Odom averaged 5.4 SCOFF and 6.1 DSCOFF, which totals to 11.5. While it's not quite at the league average, it is better than all but one other Forward on the team so he should provide a boost. And let's face it: Vlad isn't going to shoot lights out all season.
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