Rodgers Report: Stopping the Celtics

Rodgers Report: Stopping the Celtics

Postby trodgers on Fri Nov 23, 2007 4:06 pm

-Travis Rodgers

Los Angeles Lakers (7-4)
Boston Celtics (10-1)

Keys to Success
1. No freelancing
2. Win the hustle game
3. Outbench the bench

No freelancing: Kobe Bryant ended up getting into a pissing contest with Michael Redd last game and the very competent shooting Redd probably won that matchup and certainly won it statistically. There is no room for that even if the Lakers are struggling. Bryant has to learn to trust his teammates even when they suck because this team is much deeper than the team from last season. There are five 1 on 1 matchups that are important tonight, but no matchup is as important as the 5 of 5 game.

Win the hustle points: Steals, offensive rebounds, and blocks could decide the outlook of this game. Both teams are adept at all three categories, with Bynum's 4.4 combined vs. Garnett's 5.4 leading the way respectively. Lack of hustle means wasted opportunities for the Lakers and second opportunities and extra possessions for the Celtics. This is a battle the Lakers will probably have to win if they are to take the game.

Outbench the bench: While the Celtics have the best 1-2-3 combo in the NBA, the Lakers can hold their own at the 1 through 5 spot. When it comes time for bench play, however, I do not believe the Celtics can hang with the Lakers, even without Kwame Brown on the team. LA must cut deficits and extend leads every time the benches meet on the floor.

Celtics 104
Lakers 96
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