Rodges Report: Lakers at Spurs (G.6)

Rodges Report: Lakers at Spurs (G.6)

Postby trodgers on Tue Nov 13, 2007 9:00 pm


The Starting Five Best to worst: Chris Mihm was absolutely a non-factor. Fisher was good for 6/2, but he was shredded by Parker. Turiaf's 6 TO spoiled 6 points, 8 boards, 2 blocks, and some fantastic defense (Duncan shot 2-13, did very little other than that). Odom turned it on late to finish with 12-6-4. Kobe finished with 18-9-5-3-2, was clearly the best player in purple and gold. His defense was earth-shatteringly good in the first half before everyone started slacking off. LA was simply outlasted by a masterful team.

The Pine Riders Bynum cleaned up in garbage time to finish with 11 and 12. Mark my words, however: he was another non-factor when it mattered. Farmar provided the thunderous dunks we've come to love, but once again he was destroyed on the defensive end. I'm convinced he believes he can sprint up and down the court on offense, not play a lick of D, and he deserves the starting spot. He has a ton to learn. Walton looked terrible and I don't feel like discussing anyone else. Just atrocious.

What did I like? Exciting game early. Loved the energy Kobe had. Loved some of the up tempo stuff LA did. Loved the 4 TO in the second half the Lakers committed. That's a good number.

What did I dislike? 8 threes allowed and 21 TO last game becomes 13 threes allowed and 19 TO tonight. The Lakers just allow people to camp out at the three-point line. I blame...Luke Walton, interestingly enough. Obviously, PG play is crucial, but Walton just gets out of position and has zero closing speed.

Overall impression: I want to punch Ginobili in the face just because he seems to think he's the greatest thing on the hard court. Sorry, Manu. You're not the best on your own team, buddy. Lakers were crap tonight. Luckily, they'll get an immediate opportunity to redeem themselves as they go to Houston to play (read: get pounded) tomorrow.
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