Sports Medium Message Blog Series (Clippers Game)

Sports Medium Message Blog Series (Clippers Game)

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Here is the intro, follow the link for more. Thanks Laker fans.

Battle LA (4.4.12)
Last night's "Battle in Los Angeles" did not include aliens flying down from space and pissing off old timer Aaron Eckhart, but it did include Blake Griffin flying into Pau Gasol, not once, but twice. Blake Griffin threw down a thunderous tip dunk over Pau to give the Clippers their first basket of the night. As Randy Foye shot from the near corner, the ball bounced up nice and high just in front of the rim and Blake took a running start from the far elbow and flew in the air, catching the ball with two hands and slamming the ball through the net as he rode Pau Gasol's back on the way down. However, this was only just the beginning. Blake's next dunk is what set off the Lakers and turned this intracity game into a masterpiece. The intensity meter jumped through the roof and the crowd couldn't decide who they wanted to win. Although the game was a Clippers home game, the crowd seemed to side with whoever was hot at the time. With two teams to cheer for, and numerous highlights, Staples Center was rocking. However, just as Aaron Eckhart prevailed, destroying numerous aliens and reclaiming Los Angeles, so would the wiser, battle tested Lakers.

Kobe Bryant understood how big this game was and he came out guns blazing. The Clippers are an up and coming team tugging for the heart of Los Angeles, but Kobe showed them all why this is still the Black Mamba's town. With just a game and a half lead on the Clippers for the Pacific division title, Kobe came out red hot. After missing his first 3 shots in the opening three minutes, all within 13ft, Kobe made his next 7 in a row in the first quarter. Andrew Bynum also came out to play and boy did he play well. Following his one game off due to the basketball gods (link this) punishing his erratic behavior with an ankle injury, Bynum came out and played his most impressive game of his young career. Andrew Bynum absolutely destroyed DeAndre Jordan. DeAndre is one of the best defenders in the league, but Bynum, even with a sore ankle, made DJ seem like a stationary traffic cone. Bynum brought out the full offensive arsenal and was able to get any shot he wanted at any time. Up and unders, left hooks, right hooks, reverse layups, fade aways, jumpers, dunks, Bynum did it all and there was nothing DJ could do to stop it.

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