Sports Medium Message Blog Series (Warriors Game)

Sports Medium Message Blog Series (Warriors Game)

Postby timwhite2408 on Tue Apr 03, 2012 6:56 pm

Here is a link to my blog on the Warriors game. I covered this game with two different blogs. One was on Bynum's mental absence and the most recent one was on Kobe's efficient performance against the Warriors.

This link is the Kobe post. ... -4112.html

This is the intro, all reads, follows, and discussions welcome. Thanks.

Kobe Bryant can thank the undermanned Golden State Warriors for allowing him to get his stroke back. After a disastrous 3-21 performance the previous day, Kobe rode the momentum of his clutch game winning 3 into the Warriors game.

Great players tend to come out very aggressive after bad games. The "killer" mentality of high level athletes allows these players to push past the boundaries and reach deep within for that extra level of performance. Kobe Bryant is a great player. Kobe Bryant has a "killer" mentality on the basketball court. Kobe Bryant killed the Warriors, dropping 40 points on a super efficient 16-28 shooting touch. After shooting short on almost all of his jumpers against the Hornets, Kobe mentioned after the game that "Fatigue might have something to do with it." Second in the NBA in minutes played in his sixteenth season, a compacted hectic season due to the lockout, I'd say fatigue had a lot to do with it. As I mentioned in my previous post, Kobe shot many of those shots in rhythm and within the flow of the offense. The fact that he didn't make those good looks and shot short highlighted his lack of elevation on his jumper due to tired legs. Kobe went 1-8 from downtown that night, his only make the game winner. However, Golden State presented Kobe with a prime opponent to get his stroke back.

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