The 20 most outstanding representatives in NBA

The 20 most outstanding representatives in NBA

Postby Air Force on Mon Jul 05, 2010 8:45 pm

Mold is used to shape things. But when we call someone a mold, we mean he is elite in certain fields or aspects and impose much influence on this field. Or he has contributed the most to it. In NBA history, there are so called 20 molds. Carter claims the crown in terms of leaping ability and Iverson has no match when speed concerned while Jordan has no match in terms of fighting will. Now, let’s have a glance at the 20 most outstanding molds in NBA.

The perfect stature-Maddie

He is 2.03m and he acted not only as PG but also SF. If necessary he can also work as power forward. At his career peak, he was one of the most versatile talents in NBA. It is the reason that his height-2.03 is well-known as the perfect model.

Owner of shoes king- Jordan

Undoubtedly, Michael Jordan is the shoes king. Even in prior to his professional career, Nike Co. has exclusively designed 9 series for him. They are [code][/code]Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 2, Air Jordan 3……Air Jordan 9 and made Air JOrdan a top brand name-Nike Air Jordan. Even after Jordan’s retiring, Nike never stopped releasing Air Jordan shoes. Up to date, Nike has released its Nike Air Jordan 23. Even so, every release of Air Jordan shoes is well-captured thanks to the superior quality of the shoes. However, the real reason behind it is the unsurpassed image of Jordan, the greatest heroes in the whole NBA history.

The model of leaping ability- Carter

As far as leaping ability is concerned, it is impossible for us not to think about Carter. The Slam dunk he made at 2008 Beijing Olympics will be in our mind forever. At the early stage of his career, he has extended the leaping ability to the highest degree possible.

The perfect example of speed-Iverson

It is no doubt Iverson is the fastest, no matter with or without dribbling all over NBA history. A NBA scout with 45 working experience has made such amazing comments: Over these years, we have seen a lot of speed-centered players, but no of them can match Iverson. From this comment we have no difficulty in understanding that Iverson deserves the title of “leopard” which is the fastest animal in the world.

The representatives of physic strength-O’Neil

It is said that his triceps-act strength was over 450 ponds at the prime of his life. It is at his rookie season that he broke 2 stands which lead to the creation of new stands.

The model of pace-Wade

Whether the smooth pace has made him the name of “Flash”, there is some association with that more or less. It has been said Wade’s incomparable starting, penetration, speeding and turning all originate from his smooth pace.

Kyd- playing basketball with thinking

With an overall picture in his mind, he knows when to shoot, pass and get teammates involved. Whichever team he serves, he is the centre and commander of it. Magic Jonson has made such comments about him: Kyd always has a clear picture of the game and is able to make decisive and right choice which is the key to win.

Ray-Allen –King of 3 points

It is no doubt that he is the King of 3 points. Almost there is nobody but Allen can have such high praise. His 3 points shooting has long been regarded as the standard. There is no exaggeration that if you want to teach your children how to make 3 shootings, Allen will be the best model.

James-the model of perfect physical structure

With Duncan’s height, Malone’s strength, Jordan’s explosive strength and Magic’s height, James is the model of perfect physical structure.

Ron –Artest-the best defender

As the best defender of 2004, he is the third perimeter players after Jordan and Paton getting such awards. In addition, Artest’s defense range is much wider than Jordan and Paton.

Kobe-the best representatives of perimeter shoot

Kobe is adept at dunk, defense and penetration, however what makes him undefeatable is perimeter shoot. Perimeter shoot is Kobe’s most useful method to score and the reason that James can not surpass him.

Jordan-the perfect mold of fighting will

Even without taking a drop of water in 2 days after food poisoning, Jordan has got 38 scores and won in the game against Celtics. The moment the match finished, Jordan collapsed and have to depend Pippen’s support to leave the court. Just imagine, if were not his fighting will, he could make it? It is no wonder that he is the greatest hero in
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