Wannabes (First after Break)

Wannabes (First after Break)

Postby trodgers on Sun Feb 28, 2010 5:16 pm

Just a skeleton of an entry this week. And does not take into account LA's win over Denver.

Dropped out: San Antonio Spurs #9.

9. Oklahoma City Thunder (49-33): Last time: Unranked
Chances of winning: 3.6%

8. Boston Celtics (52-30): Last time: 8th
Chances of winning: 5.5%

7. Atlanta Hawks (52-30): Last time: 6th
Chances of winning: 6.4%

6. Utah Jazz (53-29): Last time: 4th
Chances of winning: 8.2%

5. Orlando Magic (54-28): Last time: 5th
Chances of winning: 9.6%

4. Dallas Mavericks (53-29): Last time: 7th
Chances of winning: 9.7%

3. Denver Nuggets (55-27): Last time: 2nd
Chances of winning: 16.6%

2. Los Angeles Lakers (61-21): Last time: 3rd
Chances of winning: 18.0%

1. Cleveland Cavaliers (63-19): Last time: 1st
Chances of winning: 22.5%
Its like Dr. Buss is guarding the Celtic rim this second half. Nothings dropping
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