2010 Offseason killed us?

2010 Offseason killed us?

Postby Bilbao-LakerMagic on Mon Aug 05, 2013 12:00 pm

When you win it is easy to get good players (a lot of players want to play in Miami even for less money, examples of Ray Allen or even Greg Oden, etc.).

We won 2 titles in a row, and to be honest, I always said that I didn't like the 2010 Offeseason acquisitions (Theo Ratliff, Matt Barnes and Steve Blake).

Matt Barnes wasn't a bad acquisition, although he never had a great performance in L.A. (Lakers), I would prefer have taken the risk of a cheap Tracy McGrady (for 15 minutes per game), a lot of injuries but... a nice risk in a Champion Team (3 years ago...). Like Greg Oden case today (a nice cheap risk for Miami).

Theo Ratliff was very old, it would have been a nice final for Shaq in... the Lakers (for 20 minutes per game being Bynum's backup) instead of the Celtics.

Long (and expensive) contract for Steve Blake (Ray Felton was available and he went to Portland). But it's true that Blake maybe fit better under Phil Jackson's system tan Felton, totally true (Blake was a worse player but maybe a better fit... on the paper).

We lost Trevor Ariza on the previous year, and Ron Artest had a great performance in the Finals (but a very long contract too). Earl Clark's loss reminds to me to Trevor Ariza's loss, a very young player with a cheap contract... and in his last year of contract... A player with future who can contribute (not being the star or reference of the Team), young and athletic player...

We lacked of young and athletic players... (and I know that the suggested McGrady and Shaq weren't young).

Well, in 2011 we had another big bite (Chris Paul's trade). I assume that a team with Kobe, Chris Paul and Dwight Howard... was a contender for years and... pure Showtime.

I like some acquisitons for the next Season (as Nick Young), and it is very valuable the frontoffice's work... as it is much more difficult to get players for less money under our current situation (not a real contender?), and after Dwight's bite.

In 2010 maybe was easier, now it will be more difficult, although a lot of people are talking about 2014 Offseason... we have to think in 2013 first (and maybe some current movements are related to the future too).

Go Lakers !!
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Re: 2010 Offseason killed us?

Postby TIME on Mon Aug 05, 2013 2:28 pm

Maybe your title is an exaggeration?

Ratliff looking back was an obvious bad move. No argument there.

Blake was a solid addition, but we probably overpaid him in light of the new CBA.

Tmac? - what has he done since 2010 that makes you think that he would have made a difference in our last 2 seasons?
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Re: 2010 Offseason killed us?

Postby Center Court on Mon Aug 05, 2013 2:43 pm

we just came off 3 finals trips and 2 rings.. were we supposed to gut the team?

CP3 drastically hurt us. Nash/Dwight completely repaired that. Dwight left and Nash can stay on the floor.

In the end, not hiring Phil Jackson is what killed us.

As I've said many times: hire Phil, Dwight stays. Assuming we don't sign Kaman and use the mMLE on Wright and other items remain constant...


we'd be competing for a ring with a good chance to win one.

Then we go after LeBron. If that didn't work, bring it all back together and make another run. In 2015, we build around Dwight by singing Rondo and Love/Aldridge and we're still a contender for another 5 years through 2020.
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Re: 2010 Offseason killed us?

Postby Weezy on Mon Aug 05, 2013 4:26 pm

It's hard to say that the 2010 offseason killed us. We had a team that went to the Finals 3 times in a row and won 2. We added Blake which was supposed to be an upgrade, kept the core, tried to go for one more. Maybe you start changing it up that offseason, but that's hard to know in the moment, if we would have won it all again then clearly it would have been too soon to break up that team. There was no way to know that Pau would flame out, that Kobe would be injured in the playoffs, that pretty much the whole team would run out of gas.

On top of all that, who could have anticipated that Miami would form a superteam, changing the NBA and making our team old and out of date immediately? We also lost to the eventual champs in the playoffs, it seems our time was just up. Hard to know what we should have done differently in the 2010 offseason though, the Mavs broke up their championship team right after they won and they've been pretty bad since, it's a gamble all around.

I think as you brought out, 2011 offseason is what "killed us". Hired Mike Brown, lost out on Chris Paul, then lost Pau mentally, lost Odom for a trade exception, added players like Murphy, McRoberts, and Kapono, that is a lot of ugliness. We went from selling Pau high after he had a garbage playoffs to being stuck with him not happy, and we hired the worse coach I could imagine. 2010 keeping Phil and adding Blake looks good compared to that.
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Re: 2010 Offseason killed us?

Postby 432J on Mon Aug 05, 2013 9:52 pm

weezy nailed it. 2011 is what killed us, not 2010

at the time, everyone on here was applauding the blake signing. barnes wasn't bad either, ratliff obviously was a bad signing because of his age, injuries, and the fact that he played probably 2 games for us before getting hurt.

2011 is where it all went downhill.

pau starts to decline
phil leaves
FO hires brown over shaw
we get cp3 only to have the trade vetoed
lamar demands a trade as a result and he goes to dallas for the trade exception
we sign a bunch of scrubs like kapono and mcroberts

all this in the span of less than a year
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Re: 2010 Offseason killed us?

Postby GNC on Mon Aug 05, 2013 10:31 pm

As others have already mentioned-- 2011 is what "killed us".
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Re: 2010 Offseason killed us?

Postby Rooscooter on Tue Aug 06, 2013 9:15 am

I'd say that 2012 didn't do us any favors either. Look at the number of picks we traded and we basically cemented our own shoes with Nash's deal.....

This also made us not trade our only tradable asset in Pau IMO.... which means that we waited another year to rebuild while letting a 19 million dollar asset expire rather than trade it for at least something.
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Re: 2010 Offseason killed us?

Postby XXIV on Tue Aug 06, 2013 9:26 am

I agree with 2011 being the season that hurt us. Although at the time many of us were excited with the acquisitions of Blake/Barnes and even Ratfliff considering if he could stay healthy. When you add up the disappointment of our FAs that season along with the wear and tear our core experienced after going to three consecutive finals, it's not surprising that we struggled.

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