In all likelihood...

In all likelihood...

Postby Coppertop on Tue Jul 08, 2003 5:33 pm

So the chick that is accusing Kobe works at a Lodge and Spa, as is indicated by the name of the joint. Here is the website for the place...

I looked through this place and found that it offers a variety of very nice things for an athlete like Kobe, especially one who is going through surgery and stuff like that. A spa, many times of massages, etc. Could this chick be a massuese that tried to get some from him? Think about it. The arrest warrant claims Kobe attacked her, shoot, the only time I've seen him attack someone was Reggie Miller, and he never even touched the guy. Bottomline, the more I read about this the more I see it as a total setup targetting Kobe. Come on, a 19 year-old, in Colorado? I wonder if Kiki Vandeweghe has something to do with this.
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