Anotha Kidd Rumor

Anotha Kidd Rumor

Postby LakersGyrl2003 on Tue Jun 24, 2003 3:52 pm

I heard this on Around the Horn, and on PTI today... They said that Kidd has been seen with Cuban, and rumor has it that there's a trade rumor of Kidd for Nash.

They were talkin about how both players are kinds like opposites.. Cuz Kidd doesn't have a J, and yet Nash does, yet he doesn't have D...

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Postby zetaw00d on Tue Jun 24, 2003 3:56 pm

Dallas Morning News Writer Eddie Sefko: No matter where Jason Kidd shows up these days, he becomes instant news – even if there is little or no tangible evidence that the news possesses any foundation.

So when Kidd was at a New York practice range hitting golf balls to publicize a charity tournament and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was serving as his tight-lipped caddie, the rumor mill began grinding out speculation.

Though NBA free agents cannot begin negotiations until July 1, it hasn't kept executives around the league from mapping out their strategies for chasing the free-agent-to-be once the bidding war begins.

Conjecture linking Kidd to the Mavericks was to be expected. Kidd has made it clear that he wants the best chance to win a championship. Teams that went deep into the playoffs this year have to be considered possible destinations for the point guard who led New Jersey to the last two NBA Finals, only to be denied a championship.

Realistically, however, the Mavericks' chances of acquiring Kidd's services rate somewhere below San Antonio's and the Nets'. The Spurs, who are more than $14-million under the salary cap, have plenty of cash to pay Kidd and would not have to compensate the Nets.
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