we are being scammed on title hopes

Re: we are being scammed on title hopes

Postby hollywood swinger on Wed Jan 16, 2013 12:27 am

kobebryant248 wrote:
hollywood swinger wrote:The owner and Gm are saying we are title or bust for the next 2 years yet we have the worst collection of pg's in the league. yes i am including Nash who is afraid or can't shoot more than 10 times a game and is horrific on Defense. I don't even have to mention how bad duhon, morris & blake who we are waiting to come back like he is a savior yet no one even wanted him here anymore after his last 2 pathetic seasons here. We have zero chance to compete and win a title with these pg's. If we are 100% serious about winning we would have waived duhon, morris & signed a real pg in the preseason or atleast now went and signed west or some other legit pg who is unemployed. we are being fleeced folks. no way in the heavens can we beat any elite team with these sorry pg's on this roster.

man who you are ? you say nash is bad ? i guess iyou are don t have any basket ball know how ? you are just weak. to say nash is bad shows how much basket iq you ahve or even how much basketball knowledge you have . right you have zero basketball knowledge . maybe go on a other forum and become a bandwaggoner og some other team . hey what about the clippers and cp3 . cheer for them mr i don t have any clou about basketball. :bang: :bang:

my basketball knowledge is bad? :man10: anyway not even gonna debate that with you. fast forward to 2013 not the 2006 steve nash. nash can't hang with the big boy pg's anymore plain and simple. i'm a realist. let me guess you also think pau should start when he comes back right? :man10:
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Re: we are being scammed on title hopes

Postby TIME on Wed Jan 16, 2013 12:36 am

This thread quickly became more about the TC than the topic.

Locking, but feel free to carry on the Nash rant in the Nash thread or the WMC.
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