I cannot believe it....

I cannot believe it....

Postby LakerTexan on Mon Jul 07, 2003 4:48 am

Howdy fellow Laker "Purple-bloods!"
This is my first post so please bear with me. (By the way...thanks for an AWESOME site!) I'm sick and tired of getting snippets of information on ESPN, SI, and Sportsline. Y'all are the real deal!

So, anyway, I'm deep in the heart of Spurms country, (San Antonio) and been a Laker fan since 1985, so I'm somewhat old school.
I gotta tell ya, it was mighty hard to suffer through that Game 6 with the Spurms. All the guys that I work with are really piling it on and venting three years of frustration on me that they've suffered at the hands of the Diesel and Kobe. So now, everywhere I look there is Spurms Championship gear. I want to puke everytime I see "Duncan Doughnuts" and "Admiral Geritol" holding the trophies that belong to Shaq and Kobe. :disagree: It's like I'm living in an alternate reality or something. Texas is Hell right now if you're a Laker fan like myself.

Now, on to business:
:mad1: Gimmee a freakin break. Who set him up? I want the name of the wench that was hired by Spurms Management to frame him! If this isnt a set up, then I dont know what is. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the charges are bogus and the whole thing goes away. Tell Mitch and Magic to hire Johnny Cochran!

GP and the Mailman...
Not sure yet how I really feel about this one. I love the Glove soming to LA, but not sold on Karl yet. Will the Mailman really take it if Kobe and Shaq are barking at him? I'm almost thinking I'd rather have PJ or Juwan, but who knows, maybe Malone will prove me wrong. (It will make for some AWESOME practice sessions!! Hell, we're gonna have half of the freaking Dream Team at Staples! ( Maybe they'll coax Barkley out of retirement too!) No wait.... just kidding...

Anyway, thanks again for a great site! I enjoy reading all the postings and feeling the Laker Pride that everyone has! I'm pissed off and hungry for another title too. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE 1ST GAME WITH S.A. NEXT YEAR! Let's get that 9th banner! :mad1:
Adios from the Lone Star State! [/b]
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Postby GoldenEye on Mon Jul 07, 2003 5:13 am

Malone to the vet minimum and Payton for the MLE is more than a good bargain ... I'm not sure that guys like Howard or PJ would accept the vet minimum for a ring !!!! Malone shows us that he's really eager for a ring !
And you Payton ?
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Postby shaqass on Mon Jul 07, 2003 8:16 am

First of all, warm welcome Lakerstexan!!!! You will feel good here, for sure!

I agree with my fellow Swiss friend on the above. Malone and GP for our MLE and vet min it is 10 times more than I could have hoped a week ago!!!

I would never have rooted for Malone for the MLE...but for 1.5 million only??? (please take this "only" as a joke since it is more than I will ever earn in my whole life :man3: )

And if we can get both without trade, imagine our bench....
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