Chris Douglas Roberts

Chris Douglas Roberts

Postby Vlade_12 on Thu Nov 29, 2012 1:01 pm

would anyone want to bring him back for the new scheme. I still find it hard to say Meeks is a better player than Roberts. I also think Roberts has a good stroke, so don't go there
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Re: Chris Douglas Roberts

Postby khmrP on Thu Nov 29, 2012 1:09 pm

Dall cut him too, maybe he just not very good?
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Re: Chris Douglas Roberts

Postby socallakerlove on Thu Nov 29, 2012 1:12 pm

Laron Profit.
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Re: Chris Douglas Roberts

Postby TIME on Thu Nov 29, 2012 1:51 pm

TC, you are new here. Why not hang back from creating multiple new threads and get a feel for the site first? Maybe try posting in topics that already exist for a while.
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