Credibility Is Two-Way Street, Even for Bryant

Credibility Is Two-Way Street, Even for Bryant

Postby #1_Kobe_fan on Tue Jul 08, 2003 1:51 am

It was a resume Kobe Bryant seemingly dragged through shoe-contract negotiations like a millstone around his neck. Too wholesome. Too clean-cut. Too well-spoken. Too much the family man.

And when it came time to sign on the dotted line, Nike decided to pay $90 million for the great unknown, high school senior LeBron James, and dole out half that amount to Bryant, owner of three NBA championship rings and the admiration of millions of parents, but apparently lacking in the all-important "street cred" department.

That image might have cost Bryant some endorsement dollars, but it was paying public-relations dividends Monday as the country tried to cope with the news that Bryant had been arrested on suspicion of felony sexual assault in Colorado.

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