Is Dan's current rotation + Gasol as good as 08/09...09/10?

Re: Is Dan's current rotation + Gasol as good as 08/09...09/10?

Postby Lets Go Lakers on Sun Mar 17, 2013 10:45 pm

The 08-09 team went 65-17. We toyed with the league and most of our losses were against sub .500 teams because we couldn't get up for some games. That team probably sweeps this current Laker team in a seven game seriesm
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Re: Is Dan's current rotation + Gasol as good as 08/09...09/10?

Postby sina on Mon Mar 18, 2013 2:55 pm

Coaches are the difference. Phil's triangle offense is basically a half court offense system. And Phil mixes it with super star's isolated plays. Super star's isolated plays are supported by triangle offense run by rest of the teammates. Super star's influence is maximized in this system. It works consistently, in both regular season and playoff, even against great defensive teams like Spurs and Celtics. Besides, Phil also emphasizes on defense, including man-on-man defense. His team can play very high level team defense and man-on-man lock down defense, especially in final minutes. It works too, even against great offensive teams like Kings and Suns. MDA is basically an offense coach. And his system is a full court team offense system. Lead by a playmaker, other players are ridding on the system to score. Isolated, one-on-one plays are not encouraged. It relays on the playmaker, instead of a scorer, to carry the offense. His system doesn't need player with great isolated, one-on-one scoring skill in fact. Teams running this kind of offense like Kings, Suns and recent years' Spurs didn't work well in the playoff before. Besides, MDA doesn't emphasis on defense and is almost no man-on-man lock down defense. Even with similar rosters, the offensive and defensive philosophy are different under 2 coaches. Let's see if MDA can make it work in the playoff this time.

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Re: Is Dan's current rotation + Gasol as good as 08/09...09/10?

Postby LTLakerFan on Mon Mar 18, 2013 5:02 pm

Yeah.... but. We aren't really relying on anything from Dan now except stay out of the way with that 7 seconds or less glory years thing and just do a damn good job with the rotations. Unlike his predecessor....Potato. Phil is the man no doubt. But we are now relying on the hybrid schemes that Kobe and Nash have figured out will give this particular squad its best offensive opportunities. They literally overrode him because it wasn't going to work with these players. A number of Phil's "disciples" on this team involved in that effort. Edge still to Phil of course. Management of games, timeouts, strategy adjustments, what he would tell them in the heat of battle besides "go go go", etc.

On defense almost the same thing, since not coming from Dan..... elite defensive players (knowledge wise based on their best years) figuring out that end of it as well and you can see them talking about it on the floor now. Dwight, Metta, Kobe and everyone else. Zero props to these coaches from what I can see. It seems as if the players are having to pretty much rely on themselves to be the best they can be with this squad.

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Re: Is Dan's current rotation + Gasol as good as 08/09...09/10?

Postby dj vitus on Wed Mar 20, 2013 11:11 am

Not close. We have too many holes in our game.

Missed free throws
Can't fight through picks
Lazy on transition defense
Bad one-on-one defense.

Our offense is kinda close, but defensively we are just miles worse. We need smart, athletic defenders this off-season. The offense will take care of itself.
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Re: Is Dan's current rotation + Gasol as good as 08/09...09/10?

Postby snackdaddy on Sat Mar 23, 2013 9:10 pm

If this current team would win an occasional game against what is considered the top teams in the league, I would give them more credit. But so far they have shown nothing to indicate they are better than their record.

Losing home games to bottom feeders. When they're playing better they still can't win road games against tough teams.

They can't win anywhere against the likes of Miami/SA/OKC/LA Clippers. What they are is a low seeded playoff team who will be fodder for one of the top two teams in the conference in round one. I'd be shocked if they took the series to 6 games.
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