Duncan needs to hold that trophy very tightly

Will the Spurs pay?

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Duncan needs to hold that trophy very tightly

Postby mazter_roshi on Sun Jul 13, 2003 7:04 pm

Duncan should have that trophy with him at all times until the season starts. Cuz from day one til the end the Lakers will show why we are true champions. They call us lucky and over rated, well we are second in all times NBA champions. Most final's appearances. Most winningest percentage, in home game wins. You can't say luck lasted this long. We are the only consistent team in NBA history. The Celtics have went from the team to beat to the team getting beated on. Next year when we root Duncan the 'MVP' and the Spurs the point will be made. Nothing stops us, its only more motivation for us. I know everyone here is excited and so am I. I'm gonna go to the Staples Center every chance I get and cheer my team on. True champions don't stumble on championships like Spurs did. We are the true champions and we will make the Spurs pay!!! Pay back will be a ....... :man9:

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