ESPN Insider news about Barbosa and Diaw

ESPN Insider news about Barbosa and Diaw

Postby Lakers Dynasty 2000 on Mon Jun 23, 2003 11:19 am

Two international players are facing serious challenges right now. France's Boris Diaw and Brazil's Leandrinho Barbosa are suffering from a major lack of exposure.

Diaw, the French League MVP, hit his stock peak about two months ago and has been on the decline ever since. Because of his team's playoff schedule, he's been unable to come over for individual workouts. Even though there's still a chance that he could be taken in the mid first round (the Celtics' Danny Ainge will make a quick trip to France to check him out) it appears he's slipping. The Jazz still like him at No. 19. The Hawks are a possiblity at No. 21. The Blazers at No. 23, Lakers at No. 24, Pistons at No. 25, Grizzlies at No. 27 and Spurs at No. 28 are all possibilities. But none is a lock, which has to have Diaw sweating it a bit.

The same goes for Barbosa. After a series of steady workouts, a hip flexor problem has caused him to miss too many workouts. Teams are a little bit scared off by his unorthodox shooting release (though he did shoot 45 percent from three in Brazil) and his lack of English skills. Barbosa had a group workout in Cleveland on Sunday in an effort to fortify his stock. Reps from the Raptors, Heat, Cavs, Blazers and Magic showed up. According to his agent, Michael Coyne, Barbosa did it as much to show off his growing proficiency in English as anything else. The English problem, in particular, seems to be a bit surreal. No one drafting Barbosa expects him to contribute much this year. By the end of the season, his English, especially his basketball English, will be just fine. So what's the worry? Barbosa could go as high as the Warriors at No. 11. The Sonics, Magic, Hawks and Blazers will also take a look, but again, no team is a lock to take him.
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Postby SWOL on Mon Jun 23, 2003 12:14 pm

Good info dynasty
I would have to say Diaw is at the top of list if he slips down to 24 we should not hesitate to pull the trigger on that one that is the kind of athlete that we are looking for ........... Barbosa has been comapred o Gilbert Arenas and would not be a bad fit but Diaw is the guy
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Postby Kobe_One_Kenobi_8 on Mon Jun 23, 2003 1:16 pm

I agree Diaw is a nice fit. I've seen the bio on him and I like his athletic ability and his wingspan lenght. What I especially like about him is that he plays the D and have the ability to be great in the defensive side of the ball.
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Postby Snakell Beast on Mon Jun 23, 2003 11:37 pm

It would amaze me and delight me if we were able to pull off getting Diaw...he looks like an awesome choice...A tall defensive Fundamental Guard that can play three positions...Phil likes defense, fundamentals, athleticism and versatility...
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