PJ Extension Is NOT Final - UPDATE!

PJ Extension Is NOT Final - UPDATE!

Postby Lakers Dynasty 2000 on Fri Jun 27, 2003 2:29 am


Jackson to Ponder Future in Montana
The Associated Press
6/27/03 5:07 PM

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. (AP) -- Phil Jackson leaves for Montana on Saturday to begin his summer vacation and consider his future as coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Jackson has one year left on his contract. He recently met with Lakers owner Jerry Buss to discuss an extension.

A report in Friday's Daily News of Los Angeles that said Jackson has decided to coach the Lakers for three more years is premature, team spokesman John Black said.

"Phil is going to take the summer to think about it," Black said. "He will make a decision on his future later this summer."
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Postby #1_Kobe_fan on Fri Jun 27, 2003 2:38 am

It amazing how much PULL KOBE has. Notice how fast Management acted to KOBE statement about FreeAgency. One down and lets now hope Shaq comes in to playing shape. I hope SHAQ doesn't do the complete opposite just to dare KOBE
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Postby FirstLady on Fri Jun 27, 2003 1:02 pm

ImageThe party's getting started! Shaq and Kobe will follow Phil's lead!
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Postby kingjsun on Fri Jun 27, 2003 1:51 pm

Hopefully Shaq isn't thinking the same [Swearing is not permitted at Clublakers. You must edit this post prior to submitting.] Tolbert was talking about on Sports Center earlier this morning. Who gives a [Swearing is not permitted at Clublakers. You must edit this post prior to submitting.] about testing Shaq or not. The bottom line is last season Shaq waited to get the toe fixed and that lead very slow start. Many times, what a player does during the off season makes all the difference. Kobe waisted no time with the shoulder. Kobe wants to win. Shaq wants to win too, I'm sure, he just has a funny way showing it. Another Shaq and Kobe media fight this season will just suck. Let's all remember the famous words of a King...
"can, can we all just get along"
Buckle up! This off season is going to be some ride...
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Postby LakersGyrl2003 on Fri Jun 27, 2003 2:41 pm

Look at this... So Kobe's extention still hasn't arrived, yet Phil just re-signed? That's a trip! Kobe has affected him! Could this mean, a 4peat?

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Postby Snakell Beast on Fri Jun 27, 2003 4:28 pm

Phil is smart enough to realize that with some proper coaching and GM moves in the next few months, the Lakers could be set for a longer second run and he knows that Kobe is liable to re-sign if Phil is set to stay 4 more seasons...Kobe will re-sign soon...
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Postby Kobe_One_Kenobi_8 on Fri Jun 27, 2003 6:57 pm

Laker management made a mistake in not adjusting to the changes other teams made prior to this past season. Everyone re-tooled and re-shaped their roster to match ours and we fell to that trap by not changing ourselves.

I guess not winning 4th straight taught Phil and the Laker management a valuable lesson. And this off-season we are finally re-tooling. In my mind the untouchables are Kobe and Shaq. Everyone else is free game for trading.
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