D.A. Feels Heat in Bryant Case

D.A. Feels Heat in Bryant Case

Postby SterlingBlueSatinGlow on Fri Jul 11, 2003 8:43 am

I wasn't sure if this was posted yet. If it was I apologize for posting it again. If it wasn't, then check out the article. It's sounding good for Kobe.

Hurlbert has been district attorney since December, and he has already experienced wholesale turnover on his staff. Criminal defense attorneys in the area wonder aloud whether anyone in the district attorney's office is savvy enough to win a case against Bryant's high-powered team of attorneys.

Once evidence is compiled, Hurlbert must consider whether his office has the resources to butt heads with the Denver law firm representing Bryant. Hurlbert said he likes to try high-profile cases himself, although Deputy Dist. Atty. Gregg Crittenden is considered the most likely candidate.

One of Bryant's attorneys, Pamela Mackey, defended Colorado Avalanche goaltender Patrick Roy in a domestic violence case two years ago in which the charges were dropped. Another, Harold Haddon, represented John Ramsey in the JonBenet Ramsey case and represented author Hunter S. Thompson on drug, explosives and sexual assault charges.

"We'll see how much of a factor our [limited resources] are," Hurlbert said.

"It's not something we have ever encountered. Right now we're trying to make a filing decision."

Kobe has some really good Attorney's representing him. This D.A.'s office seems to be having probems right now and I don't think they have anyone who can win a case aginst Kobe's Attorney's.
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