Free Agent scenarios...

Free Agent scenarios...

Postby Coppertop on Thu Jul 03, 2003 5:15 pm,1413 ... 15,00.html

A lot of sources are saying that Juwan Howard is leaning towards Minnesota as a destination, and PJ Brown has not decided if he is willing to play for the MLE anywhere. As of now, we have talked to Payton and Malone extensively. The article states that Payton is still hedging on the money issue, so our chances of getting him are not improving. Karl Malone may be the MLE after all is said and done. Can anybody imagine rooting for him when he breaks Kareem's record in a year and a half or two???

If we do get the Mailman, we are in desparate need of some guard depth. Piakowski may be the best bet at the vet min. or min.. Another option is bringing back Lindsay Hunter at the min., as he is not expected to get any better offers. We can only hold out hope for guards like Jim Jackson, Antonio Daniels and Stephen Jackson, but our chances with guys like that are slim. If the Lakers can pick up a big, ball handling guard (not necessarily a PG) to fill a Ron Harper type role, we may not even pick up another PG to go with Fisher and Pargo, this is a scenario being heavily discussed within management, especially if the Lakers cannot land Payton.

The most likely scenario as I see it...

PG: Fisher, Pargo
SG: Kobe, Piakowski, Rush
SF: George, Fox, Walton
PF: Karl Malone, Medvedenko, Cook
C: Shaq, Madsen (re-signed)

Possibly another guard, point forward (Pippen isn't out of consideration), or backup center (Scott Williams type). Also, Horry may re-sign if he sees that the Lakers are "replacing" him with Karl.
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Postby SWOL on Thu Jul 03, 2003 5:57 pm

Jim Jackson ran the triangle at Dallas with Jim Cleamons...hummmmm
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