How long have you people been Lakers fans?

Postby trodgers on Wed Feb 09, 2005 7:12 am

My dad was a Lakers fan and I was a Magic Johnson fan as long as I can remember (born in 79). When Magic retired for the first time, I stopped watching basketball until Jordan came back from playing basketball. Then I started watching Shaq in Orlando...and then Kobe in LA. I've probably been a bigger fan the past 5 years than earlier on, not because they were winning, but just because I'm not playing sports anymore so I'm following them more closely.
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Postby LakerFanN79 on Wed Feb 09, 2005 7:50 am

Casual Laker fan since 1979...... hardcore laker fan in 1983 when my father installed the behemoth satellite receiver.

Satellite TV was the greatest invention of all time as far as I was concerned back then, it enabled me to watch every single Laker game unedited and uninterrupted... instead of commercials I got to watch the camera guys zoom in on the attractive features of the Laker girls and listen to Stu and Chick be critical of players without having to worry about their language.... that is until they started scrambling the signals.... which was the worst time of my tv viewing life....... it sucked going from being able to watch every Laker / Kings game every season... to only seeing them when they were nationally televised.......

Thank god for "season pass"

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