How to stop the bleeding

How to stop the bleeding

Postby Lakerfantilidie on Thu Nov 01, 2012 7:29 am

Hide Nash on defense on a player not looking to penetrate or spot up shooter. This is how Phoenix hid him. Push the ball look for early offense then get in to sets. Keep the ball in Nash's hands as much as possible. Everyone will get thier touches cause he's not a shoot first point guard and that is where he is most dangerous and gets others easy shots. Lastly, Fire Mike Brown. Swept in Finals a few years ago. Always out coached by opposing coaches. Lets look back at how he was out coached by Karl last year and we barely won, and Brooks ran circles around him and we lost games we should've won. Sloan is the answer. Master of pick and roll offense and defense. Will have the respect of players. Hiring Sloan now lets us not have to learn over again when and if they fire Brown later in the season. Clearly Brown needs to be fired now! Not because of an 0-2 start. Because he is a defensive coach, where has the defense been in this 0-2 start? Second, knowing the talent we have and the strengths and weakness of each player and having the whole summer to come up with the best chance for this crew to win and the best he could come up with is a Princeton offense that takes the ball out of your playmakers hands. A winless preseason & an 0-2 start. Clearly out coached in both games, this will not stop and continue even when they players start to figure it out. It's time to stop the bleeding, get rid of him now, get Sloan and work with what will work. His pick and roll offense that no one could stop even knowing its coming. Sorry to say, keeping Brown means no Championship as long as he's here!
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