How the Lakers match up with the Heat

How the Lakers match up with the Heat

Postby LakersSquadup on Mon Sep 10, 2012 11:53 am

Lets start with the bigs first. Bosh is now the Center for Miami and will be matched up with both Howard and Gasol. Last season Bosh in one game vs the Lakers
Bosh avg 15pts 8rebs 1ast 54%fg 4 personal fouls in 35 mins.

Last season vs Howard in 4 games
Bosh avg 16.5ppg 8.3 rpg 1.3apg 54% 3.5 Personal fouls per game.

In that same stretch D12 avg 19.8ppg 18.8rpg 2.5apg 56%fg 1.3bpg 1.8spg 2.3 personal fouls per game.
Pau one game vs Bosh last season put up 26pts 8 rebs 2ast 1blk 1 person foul in 37 mins 11-19 fg

Two things are clear when looking at the stats. 1)Bosh gets his points on a good fg% vs both our guys. 2) He has trouble defending both Howard & Gasol. avging almost 4 fouls.

Kobe 28.5ppg 50%fg 37% from 3pt
Wade in one game 16pts 4rebs 5ast 41% 25% from 3pt 6 fouls

Nash 9pts 5rebs 10ast 7 turnovers 57% fg 50% from 3pt in 34 mins
Chalmers vs Nash 1pts 2rebs 8ast 5stls 0%fg (0-3) %3pt in 2 fouls 32 mins
Chalmers vs Lakers 12.5ppg 2rpg 4apg 2spg 38%fg 46% from 3pt 2.5 fouls in 34mpg

Things to gather from this 1)Kobe is still very effective vs Miami. 2)Chalmers is effective vs LA but struggles offensively when he has to defend Nash. 3)Nash will force Miami to give Dwight & Pau room to work in the paint. 4)Nash was effective but obviously Miami was able to give more defensive attention to him (7 to ) Nash will have an easier time now that he's on a team with talent.

Key Players
Jamison has been pretty effective vs Miami
avg 14.3ppg 5rpg 2.3apg 2.7spg 46%fg 67% from 3pt (2-3) in 31mpg
His best game vs miami last season

Meeks has been effective vs Miami
avg 7.3ppg 2.5rpg 1spg 39%fg 36% from 3pt in 22.5mpg
His best game last season vs Miami (13pts 2rebs 1ast 50%3pt)

Ray Allen vs Lakers 19.5ppg 5rpg 4apg 36% from 3pt in 39mpg
Shane vs Lakers 9ppg 29% from 3pt 33mpg
Miller 4.5ppg 50% from 3pt 16.5mpg

Things to take away from this: 1)Meeks and Jamison has had success vs Wade & Bosh now they should spend most of their time against Haslem & Allen. 2)Both shot respectable % from 3pt.

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Re: How the Lakers match up with the Heat

Postby lakerfan2 on Mon Sep 10, 2012 12:01 pm

I wonder if Miami would run a small ball lineup or try to match up? Mike Brown would be STUPID to try to play small ball, unless that is to sit Pau, but still no.

Would Miami run:



The first unit will be unable to guard both Pau and Howard at the same time.

The other unit allows the Lakers defense to compact the paint more effectively letting Anthony get free run, allowing Howard play more help defense.

The bench's are both equipped to add offensively: Allen and Lewis for Miami, but neither are creators.

Jamison can create his own shot, but is more effective on catch and shoots. Meeks will hopefully spread the floor with his shooting.
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Re: How the Lakers match up with the Heat

Postby Ariza3 on Tue Sep 11, 2012 3:27 pm

Nash will be more effective now that he ha so many guys who require attention. Chalmers isnt that great of a defender so im not worried. With Dwight in the paint Chalmers will think twice about going into him...prob drive and dish 90% of the time if he gets past Nash; so Pau will have to cover for Dwight or vice versa.

Dwight has his way with Miami...proof in the 20-20 games hes had against their new team. He may not put up those points this season against them but rebounding is still all him. Rebounding will be our advantage with Dwight AND Pau grabbing them.

I think any of the players individual flaws against the Heat last season will not be as big now that theyre are all together on the Lakers. Nash wont have 7TO as hes no longer on the Suns with that terrible roster.

The Heat now have Allen and Lewis coming off the bench and can play with the starters when LeBron moves over and Bosh to C. so its gunna be really tough to defend them but our Offense will be too much for them. Prob a lot of high scoring games between the 2 teams this season. Metta on Lebron, Kobe on Wade, Dwight on Bosh, Pau on ?, Nash on Chalmers. That leaves everyone but Metta with the advantage. I like our chances but the heat still are the favorites until we see our team play
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Re: How the Lakers match up with the Heat

Postby davriver290 on Tue Sep 11, 2012 7:09 pm

We match up well against MIA... Same with OKC. Same with SA. Same with the rest of the league. :man9:
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Re: How the Lakers match up with the Heat

Postby PiNOYLaKERSFaN on Tue Sep 11, 2012 9:33 pm

I don't know about that, according to Mario Chalmers he's in the front end of top ten PG's today.

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Re: How the Lakers match up with the Heat

Postby Ariza3 on Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:03 pm

Chalmers is an idiot. Hes not even top 10...its only bc he plays with Wade LeBron and Bosh. wouldnt be getting all those open 3's on any other team.
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Re: How the Lakers match up with the Heat

Postby lakersStan24 on Wed Sep 12, 2012 3:45 am

Lakers out size the heat with Pau and D12 and plus Dwight has dominted lebron and bosh last year
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