Howard agrees to sign with Orlando

Howard agrees to sign with Orlando

Postby OG on Sun Jul 13, 2003 9:12 pm

Coveted free agent Juwan Howard has quietly declared his intent to play in Orlando through the prime of his career. Howard has verbally agreed to join the Magic and sign a five-year deal, several NBA sources told the Orlando Sentinel. ... -headlines

i am sooo damn happy for T-MAC! i have never hated this kidd and want him to succedd, just not against the Kobster. I want T-Mac in the Finals next year, that would be awsome! Kobe vs T-mac in the NBA Finals, what more could you ask for? and Shaq gets to be on the other side of the sweep against Orlando this time!
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Postby Guest on Sun Jul 13, 2003 9:27 pm

coming from Mr."I'm wanna win more than anytihng else". How the hell will he win a title in Orlando? :man7:


Postby lakers frizzo on Sun Jul 13, 2003 9:37 pm

i still think howard and payton would be the best chance at a four peat and beyond but im sure we are just getting malone for two years with a team option for the second so we have some cash to throw at kobe next year to make stay in a laker uniform.
is shaq satisfied with three titles and continuing to blow up to 400 lbs or will he get the other hunger back and get down to 320 and win three more?? GO LAKERS 2004-06 CHAMPS!!!
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Postby hi on Sun Jul 13, 2003 10:24 pm

howard=scared to come west


Postby Beers on Mon Jul 14, 2003 4:23 am

hi wrote:howard=scared to come west

Yeah I reckon that definately had something to do with it, but why would he choose Orlando over Detroit & his old school Michigan fans?

Was it because in Orland he will get easy buckets while the opponents try to stop T-Mac with triple teams?

Is it because he is scared to play under Larry Brown and his defensive requirements? (but who wouldn't want to play with Ben Wallace as your back up?)

I just don't understand it.... As far as I know he was going to make the same amount of money at all 3 teams. Why would he choose the Magic?
If I was him it would be #3 on the list behind the Twolves and Pistons.....

Maybe he went there for the weather and Mickey Mouse.....
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Postby LakersGyrl2003 on Mon Jul 14, 2003 5:50 am

Well this is a done deal then... PJ Brown agreed to sign a contract with the Hornets, and now Howard is gonna play for the Magic... It's not like he's gonna get a title, cuz look at our squad now...

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Postby ZenMaster on Mon Jul 14, 2003 5:57 am

While Howard is a nice pickup it'll take more than that for Orlando to get past the first round. They still need a center, sorry, Andrew DeClerq doesn't count. And their PG situation is still up in the air, Reece Gaines is good but only a rookie...Darrell Armstrong is a free agent. Plus their bench is suspect...and they'll never get past Detroit or New Jersey. Still much work to do for them, but this is a start......
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Postby Lakers Dynasty 2000 on Mon Jul 14, 2003 9:42 am

Fellas, it's not that Howard's scared to come to the West. It's a smart move to contend in the East....

Mourning, and Howard are smart... They're like us, we all know the West is locked and your screwed if your not wearing purple and yellow...
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Postby Vasashi17 on Mon Jul 14, 2003 2:36 pm

Plus, Howard was interested in us...mainly for the championship hardware...but probably for places where he can find scantily dressed women at the many beaches we have (you have to understand he considers Webber a friend which explains this part of his interest) Anyways, what would you prefer....the urban ghetto's of Detroit, or the sightseeing done at Miami beach...which is not to far off from Orlando. Plus he liked wearing black shoes in college, maybe he wants to upgrade to those famous black ears.
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Postby #1_Kobe_fan on Mon Jul 14, 2003 2:45 pm

he wanted to play with KOBE and SHAQ but since he couldn't play with them... he opted to play with T-MAC. I think ORLANDO will have a much better record this year. They now have GOODEN and HOWARD at the front court.. at least T-MAC has a legit big man whom he can pass the ball to at the post.

They now need to address their PG spot... and they will be set to contend with Detroit, Indy, Boston...... The NETS however will be untouchable in the EAST.... they now have their version of the triple towers... K-MART, MOURNING, MOTUMBO... they will be tough in the EAST!!!!
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