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Courtesy of ESPN.COM

Mackey, 46, received her law degree from George Washington University.

She was once a public defender in Eagle County, where the case is likely to be tried. Since then, she has represented a number of big names, including Colorado Avalanche goaltender Patrick Roy in a domestic violence case involving his wife in 2001. It was dismissed.

Among her other cases: A 1995 trial of DEA agent Mark Dietze, who was convicted of threatening to kill the owner of a bar during a drinking binge, and Jeane Newmaker, who was accused of negligent child abuse after her 10-year-old daughter (who was adopted) died during rebirthing therapy. Newmaker pleaded guilty and was ordered to undergo counseling, but didn't go to jail.

Most recently, she is representing an English skier in a civil case where a man was killed at Breckenridge Ski Resort. Hurlbert declined to fine criminal charges in the matter.

Haddon, 62, is a graduate of Duke Law School. He is a former federal public defender and ran Gary Hart's senatorial campaign in 1974.

He represented John and Patricia Ramsey in the killing of their daughter, JonBenet.

He's also represented author (and Page 2 contributor) Hunter S. Thompson in a 1990 drug possession, explosives and sexual assault case. Thompson wasn't convicted.

"Hal is a very, very smart guy, and he's very hardworking and a very thorough guy as well as being [good] in the courtroom," Thomas Ragonetti, a land-use attorney in Denver who is familiar with Haddon's work, told the Register. "If I or one of my loved ones ever had a need for criminal defense, there's only one person I'd go to: Hal Haddon."
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