Its obvious why we are losing...

Re: Its obvious why we are losing...

Postby John3:16 on Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:10 am

MC wrote:The problem is the COACH and the backwards philosophy relative to the roster.

When the smoke clears from all the Gasol, Howard, Kobe, Nash, Ron bickering and brick laying, I think you're right. There's no getting around the fact that the square peg doesn't fit in the round hole.

His hiring was just a mistake that we're stuck with for a couple more years.
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Re: Its obvious why we are losing...

Postby ZenMaster4President on Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:21 am

Poor Kobe.
Pau Gasol yesterday morning when asked about Dwight Howard: "I haven't called. Calls are expensive."
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