To Kobe's Empire...or anyone else who cares to read

To Kobe's Empire...or anyone else who cares to read

Postby OG on Sun Jul 13, 2003 11:47 am

the reason im pepling to your "03-04 standings" post, with a post of my own, is because it wont let me reply to any post for some reason, it says its an invalid session, so ill just post a topic/reply!


my prediction

1 Lakers (73-9) come on, you know were gona break records
2 San Antonio (60-22)
3 Dallas (58-24)
4 Sacramento (57-25)
5 Minnisota (54-28)
6 Portland (48-34)
7 phenix (45-37)
8 houstin (43-39)

first round:

Lakers vs Rockets (LA wins 4-0)
Spurs vs Suns (Spurs win 4-2)
Mavs vs Blazers (Mavs win 4-2)
Kings vs T-wolves (Kings win 4-3)

second round

Lakers vs Kings (Lakers win 4-1)
Spurs vs Dallas (spurs win 4-3)

conference finals

Lakers vs Spurs (Lakers win 4-1)

NBA Finals

Lakers vs New Jersey (Lakers win 4-0) HA HA HA HA HA

NBA CHAMPS- Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quoting Shaq on one of his spontainious freestyles durring practices:

"I stay paid niggaaa, I live laid niggaaa, I've been rappen ever since the third grade niggaaa".

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Postby Kobe's Empire on Sun Jul 13, 2003 1:29 pm

fo sho.....i love your way of thinking too man.....we have laker blood inscribed into us and we think the same................ill post what u wrote onto my post, dont worry bout it and ill make sure to put ur name. but we all know that lakers will go 82-0 and then 16-0 right?
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Kobe's Empire

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