Kobe's revealing interview about Smush & Kwame

Re: Kobe's revealing interview about Smush & Kwame

Postby scheven on Sun Oct 14, 2012 4:09 pm

Smush started ok for us in his first year. He was a breath of fresh air from Chucky Atkins and Tierre Brown. I remember people here actually liked him (remember that 3pointer + steal in Game 4 vs Suns?) He started pouting and slacking in his 2nd season though, especially when Farmar started playing better than him and started over him in the playoffs.
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Re: Kobe's revealing interview about Smush & Kwame

Postby puffyusaf#2 on Sun Oct 14, 2012 5:32 pm

ben_ready wrote:
puffyusaf#2 wrote:

An even better answer would have been... "Nash deserved the MVP because by-golly he was the best in the NBA at the time. The voters got it 100% correct and I am honored to play with a 2-time MVP."

How can you be the best when you only play one side of the ball? Are you kidding me. Everybody knew Kobe was the greatest at the time. Yell™

No I can't kid it is physically impossible for me to do. If I did I would literally choke on my own tongue and passout. Its a very rare condition but it is real. I guess I just don't know as much as you do about the subject but thanks for clearing it up. :bow: Bro-nies for ever man. YellBro-nies!
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Re: Kobe's revealing interview about Smush & Kwame

Postby purp n gold on Sun Oct 14, 2012 9:40 pm

intuitivelOve wrote:sorry but to me that interview revealed more about Kobe than it did Smush and Kwame.

I agree. I see it as a few things... Kobe is still uncomfortable about loosening his grip as "the guy". So when the Nash talk starts he gets defensive.

On the other hand, he's also sensing that his team is AMAZING and has the right to talk the smack again. I think he talked trash about Smush the moment Pau was traded to LA as well. It was the "butterknives" comment if I not mistaken.

Either way Kobe needs to take the high road and just get over it.
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