Kobe thinks people who call him selfish are dumb

Re: Kobe thinks people who call him selfish are dumb

Postby therealdeal on Fri Oct 05, 2012 9:12 am


Yeah I agree with you on Kobe's ability to hit open shots. I remember there being one particular shot he hit against Cleveland last year during his 4/40 point game streak where he shrugged because he was wide open. If Kobe becomes more of a catch and shoot player I think he'll end up shooting about 47% maybe 48% from the field overall. The thing he'll have to limit is his isolations and I think he will.

Obviously having Dwight here means finishes in the paint are going to be... different. I loved Bynum's soft touch around the basket, but a lot of times he could have simply thrown down a dunk and he tried to lay it in. That's no knock on him, just his style of play. Dwight finishes with power. I'm not sure how Nash does off of catch and shoot type shots, but if/when he adjusts he'll be a fantastic spacer. This is an exciting time for Laker fans.
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