Laker Budget What can they get

Laker Budget What can they get

Postby IloveLA on Tue May 20, 2003 9:23 am

There will certainly be changes: Robert Horry (team option), Mark Madsen, Samaki Walker, Brian Shaw and Tracy Murray are all free agents, not likely to return. But Shaquille O'Neal ($26.5 million next season), Kobe Bryant ($13.5), Fox ($4.7) and Devean George ($4.5) total $49.2 million by themselves next season, already putting the Lakers over the cap. So how can the Lakers improve without busting the limited acquisition budget of owner Jerry Buss?

That sums it up lakers cant really get anything over the summer
i say trade devean george he is not worth 4.5 million as a back up to rick fox and any of you thinking of trading rick fox forget he would retire if they trade him
so who can the lakers get please don't say Juwan Howard that guy is
a bust he hasn't made anybody better and hasn't really done anything in his career that would be like a tracy murray signing.
I say keep brian shaw and keep robert horry but use robert coming off the bench
gary payton i dont think will come here i think money is big priorty with him he still has some good years left and if he takes a pay cut and gets injured he would of blown all that money he could of got thru free agency
so it looks like Karl amlone and scottie pippen are only best bets the lakers can go after
I hear pj brown name come up but i dont know about him....he sounds to soft under the pressure of the playoffs i think he just another A.C green
what do you think?

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Postby #1_Kobe_fan on Tue May 20, 2003 12:56 pm

PJ Brown is not soft. Pat Riley made him an enforcer during his stay with the HEAT. In one playoff game, I remember he body slammed Chris CHILDS ... LOL now thats an enforcer!! I think the LAKERS would be set with PJ Brown holding down PF spot. Hes is a 8-10 points 10-12 rebounds type of guy. You never know with Shaq drawing all the attention he can crash the boards in the offensive end even more. His main Contribution comes from the defensive end. He stands at a solid 6'11" and as tough as they come. He is 33 meaning he knows some veteran tricks in frustrating the younger players defensively (much like Rodman). :jam2: :jam2: :jam2:

KOBE our REAL MVP :bow:
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