Lakers Franchise

Lakers Franchise

Postby lakerrings on Fri May 16, 2003 5:48 pm

Jerry Buss: a owner who does not wanna pay for better players.A owner who is only concern is the bottom line.A owner who cares about what his daughter thinks than to pay jerry west what he desrves.I hope he learnsd a vauable leson from this that other teams are retooling to get better I understand loyalty but please do not be cheap the worst thing he did was letting Jerry West leave his beloved lakers a terrible terrible decision to let Jerry West leave
Mitch Kupcheck:A mediocore player at best a jerry west protege /lindsey hunter /isaih rider/greg foster/tracy murray....just imagine what jerry west could of done who knows we will never know.his general manager job will be on the line this off season he has to come up with something or he may be gone..
phil jackson: A great coach no doubt but he did a so so coaching this season letting kobe bryant shoot shoot shoot and shoot is unacceptable he has to control kobe bryant i know kobe is determined to get an mvp award but this is ridicoulus running down the clock shooting unecessary three pointers to up his stats is no good Phil Jackson has to step in and take control this year team had no drive no urge to be the best i blame that clearly on phil jackson
Paul Sunderland: this guy is to emotional screaming [AAAAAAAAHHH WHAT A SHOT} he was so depressed when chick hearn came back last year this guy is not a laker he just an annoucer thinking he has been with the lakers for years...but i give stu lantz props for putting up with him paul sunderland is just terrible now i hear that they are going to change the simulcast so no paul on radio...the new laker announcer on radio will be larry burnett now everybody is getting thier hands in the pot i remember back when the lakers were a close knit family things goes out of wack when jerry west is forced out by phil jackson and the bosses daughter.... hungry rap singer i dont care if i loose as long as i look good -oneal....this bum did not want to play this season he supposed to be the most dominating big man.....please tim duncan took shaq to school tim duncan is the most fundelmental player in this league he does show off very low key shaq should take a cue from mr duncan
lastly i like to say that jerry west will be sorely missed from the lakers if you think this team will survive its future with mitch at the helm is in for a rude awakening jerry west is the heart and soul of the lakers past present and future and will be deeply missed its frightning to see the lakers in the next couple of years without him.......your thoughts


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