Lakers' Jerseys

Lakers' Jerseys

Postby TrillyandTruly on Mon Nov 12, 2012 7:08 pm

I haven't seen a topic on jerseys so I'd thought I'd make one.

I want to finally make a jersey purchase since I don't have any (although I do have an Eddie Jones jersey that I got from christmas back in 97). I don't know too much about the different variants of jerseys out there so I'd thought I'd ask here since I'm assuming you guys have some Lakers' gears.

From my knowledge, the Replica jerseys have the name and numbers screen printed on. I won't be getting this as I want an authentic jersey. The swingman jerseys have the names and numbers stitched on, but my question is why are they so cheap? Are they authentic or non-authentic. And also, does anyone have the Mitchell & Ness Kobe jersey? I really want to get that one but I'm unsure if it'll fit okay and if it's worth the price ($260).

Also, I know Adidas produce jerseys but they come in different sizes. Some are labeled as S, M, L, XL, XXL, while others are labeled in numbers instead; 40, 44, 48, 52. I'm assuming a 40 is a S, 44 is a M, and so on. My height is 5'7, about 135 lbs with a slim figure. Would you recommend that I'd get a S or M? Are the Adidas jerseys different from say Nike, or Champion? And I've been to sports stores and they never have S or M in stock, so I was never able to try one on.

I want to pick up a jersey before the holidays, and most likely, I will purchase it online. I don't have a budget, so if I find a jersey that I'll like, money isn't a problem. Thanks for reading and I appreciate your help.
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Re: Lakers' Jerseys

Postby halekulani on Mon Nov 12, 2012 11:27 pm

jerseys run pretty big
i'd get a small if i were u
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Re: Lakers' Jerseys

Postby baller4life on Tue Nov 13, 2012 6:23 am

If you are going to buy a jersey, spend your money on a authentic. Most people wear replica or swingman but i dont like them at all. Authentics are the closest jersey to the actual the players wear in a game. I think nike made the best gear but right now adidas has the rights.
I have adidas authentic white kobe jersey from the 2010-2011 season and i like it alot but i suggest you buy the smallest size mine is size 50 and its pretty big.
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Re: Lakers' Jerseys

Postby kray28 on Tue Nov 13, 2012 7:54 am

Yeah, I thought I was going to buy my son a couple of jerseys for Christmas. I think I'm going to save my money now.
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Re: Lakers' Jerseys

Postby lakerfan2 on Tue Nov 13, 2012 8:39 am

The Swingmans nice.

I just bought a white Howard jersey Sunday, which they didn't have at Staples when I went Friday. So looks like those are just rolling out.

But I have a Kobe swingman too, and they are good quality.

Authentics are nice, but do you really want to spend $250-300 for one jersey? You can get 3 swingmans ($90) for the price of one.

I'm 6'0, 170 atheltic build (suit size 38R), and I wear a size S swingman, because I prefer that look, like Dwight wears his jersey a size smaller, it just looks slimmer on me, makes me look bigger too :man12: . Some people prefer it looking big on them, M would do that fine.
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