LQOTD: How would you grade Morris?

Re: LQOTD: How would you grade Morris?

Postby Rooscooter on Sun Dec 30, 2012 10:20 am

JoelMyersScrotalSack wrote:
Rooscooter wrote:
JoelMyersScrotalSack wrote:
He's a C- or so I guess. Still can't figure out why he's playing and Jamison isn't

Because he provides some athleticism and defense in the backcourt where we are severely deficient. His corner 3 ball is also okay. I still don't like him being out there in a close game though

What does Jamison do? He has that horrible put shot on the baseline, a lousy three ball, unathletic, and is one of the worst defenders in the league. His 7 PPG on mediocre efficiency is not what we need right now

:man10: :man10: Are you really advocating Morris over Jamison?.... So Morris is more "efficient" than Jamison?

Fake hustle on defense isn't defense.... keep an eye on him next time when he's going spastic on an opposing guard 40 feet from the hoop.... then watch him get set up and then beat like a drum.... Also watch him repeatedly get caught below the free throw line on offense when he's supposed to be the "safety" on transition defense.... this happens on about 50% of the possessions when he's on the floor....

His 3 ball is no better than Jamison's and Jamison can score from more locations and in more ways than Morris ever dreamed of. Jamison's addition to the rotation can provide some scoring while also providing some time off the floor for Kobe.... Morris' time on the floor usually provides turnovers and transition buckets for the opposition.

For any flaws you describe about Morris on defense, Jamison is just as bad. I've never seen someone so slow and inept at keeping their man in front of them. At least Morris has the athleticism to recover

And uhh yeah Morris has definitely been a better 3 pt shooter than Jamison this season. He's 18-45 (40%) on the year and Jamison is 24-77 (31%).

I'm not trying to sell Morris as some savior to our team, but Jamison doesn't do anything well enough to be whining about his playing time.

I can see what you're saying but I'm not there with you and the positives outweighing the negatives on Morris over Jamison.

Jamison can't be playing defense any worse than Kobe when he's too tired to get back or is using that end of the floor to rest. Jamison can score in bunches like no one else on this team not named Kobe.... so having him on the floor more will at least have the possibility of offsetting his defensive shortcomings. He rebounds pretty well and knows how to play the game. Having experience on the floor trumps erratic athleticism IMO.

Unfortunately it seems to one or the other with MDA. Why not start Meeks at the 2 and let Jamison spell Kobe at the 3 and rotate Morris in with Duhon? That would seem to give us some athleticism and more scoring.... which MDA has said he wants....
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Re: LQOTD: How would you grade Morris?

Postby Pig Miller on Sun Dec 30, 2012 10:44 am

i think darius has done a pretty decent job on defense, and has shown flashes on offense, but what i can't point my finger on is if he's helping the team more than hurting.

but the kid does play hard, i haven't questioned his effort at all, he just needs more seasoning to iron out some of his mental errors.
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Re: LQOTD: How would you grade Morris?

Postby Samene on Sun Dec 30, 2012 10:00 pm

Lakers need fast feet on defense.
Lakers need cheap.
Lakers need someone to play PG when the IR list includes so many PGs.
Lakers need a PG taller than Bill MacDonald.
Lakers need someone who will bother to run at the guy Kobe left open.

...did I mention the Lakers need cheap? The starters alone exceed the salary cap so 'Cheap' hear means pocket change.

I'm happy to have Morris given all of the above. And he is young enough to improve. If you think he's hit his ceiling then I disagree. System turmoil, coach turmoil, media turmoil, Kobe-effect... progress for a young second-rounder is not a straight line on this team.

I gotta think Mitch is pretty d*** happy with Morris. A-
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