It makes you wonder......

It makes you wonder......

Postby Chick_H on Fri May 16, 2003 5:19 pm

If horry drains that 3 in game 5, how would the lakers have played in game 6? Would they have come out with more confidence and a feeling of puttin this team away at home? Also, Horry going 2 for 38 from behind the arch was a killer. I also wonder how Foxy would have helped out also.
I loved Kobes statement when asked how hard he was going to work in the offseason, and he said " To the point of exaustion". My Man Kobe!
I guess you cant win the title EVERY year, but it sure was fun trying.
Thanks for making us proud for the last 3 years fellas.
We do have hope for the future though. Chin up baby.

See you next year.
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Postby LakersGyrl2003 on Fri May 16, 2003 5:32 pm

See in hindsight all we can think of is all the woulda shoulda couldas, those are the advantages we have here. But it happened for a reason, and we have to accept that... It sux but we cant win it all the time, u know?

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